Family day care

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Health approvals

To provide family day care, applicants are required to complete a registration and membership process through a Family Day Care Service. Useful information about requirements and family day care services can be found on the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority website.

Family day care is a home business offering education and care for up to a maximum of seven children aged from birth to 13 years, including the educators' own children, in the educators' own home. Only four of the children can be below pre-primary school age.

Family day care providers intending to prepare food require approval from the City's Health Services. Applicants are required to submit to the City:

  • completed Family Day Care Application Form;
  • completed Application for Registration/Notification of a Food Business form; and
  • Family Day Care application fee of $55.00 plus Registration Certificate fee of $30.00.

Please note: new family day care applications or transfers to new premises will not be accepted for residences with a swimming pool, spa and/or water feature after 31 December 2020. Existing family day care providers prior to this date are still permitted to operate with extra conditions in place.

Health inspection

Prior to commencing operation, an inspection will need to be undertaken to ensure the premises meets the required standards.  When you are ready to commence operations, please contact Health Services to arrange for this inspection – please allow 48 hours for the inspection to be scheduled.

Ongoing routine inspections will be conducted once the business is operational to ensure that suitable standards are maintained.

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