Structure plans

Structure Plan location map

The locations of Structure Plans approved within the city are shown on the map below.

District Structure Plans

Council has adopted District Structure Plans over large areas which are identified for future urban development and held in multiple ownership.  The purpose of a District Structure Plan is to ensure that coordinated development occurs across the landholdings by identifying infrastructure such as main roads, commercial nodes and regional open space.

Local Structure Plans

All land zoned 'development' under the Town Planning Scheme is required to be supported by a (local) structure plan.  The purpose of the Local Structure Plan is to identify the pattern of development by depicting specific matters such as the location of all roads, residential densities, public reserves, commercial land and pedestrian/cycle networks.

Local Structure Plans are advertised for comment prior to adoption and require the approval of the Council and the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Detailed plans of subdivisions are required to be in accordance with the prevailing adopted Local Structure Plan.

Copies of all adopted local structure plans are set out below.

Baldivis (East)

Baldivis Parks (Lots 104, 105, 541, 543, 544 and 1000 Baldivis Road, Baldivis)The Edge (Lots 921 & 922 Baldivis Road and Lot 3 Key Close, Baldivis)One71 Baldivis (Lots 746-750 & Lot 545 Baldivis Road)Greenlea Baldivis (Lots 129 and 306 Zig Zag Road)Millars Landing (Lots 460-463 Baldivis Road)

Baldivis (North)

Lot 16 McDonald RoadBaldivis CentralBaldivis NorthThe Chimes (Lots 18, 54 and 55 Fifty Road)Paradiso Estate (Lots 14, 155 & 299 Kerosene Lane)The Spires Phase 1The Spires Phase 2 (Lots 2, 4 and 5 Baldivis Road, Lots 312 & 313 Fifty Road and Lots 7 & 8 Ingram Road)Lot 311 Fifty RoadLot 306 McDonald RoadLot 53 Kerosene LaneThe Spires Kerosene LaneTuart Lakes National Lifestyle VillageLots 5-8 Kerosene LaneLot 309 Kerosene Lane and Lot 302 Mandurah RoadThe Chase

Baldivis (South)

Settlers HillsSettlers Hills (Village Centre)Settlers Hills (Precinct J)The RidgeParkland HeightsTuart RidgeSettlers Hills TownsideThe RivergumsThe Rivergums (South)The Rivergums (Lot 3)The Rivergums (East)Baldivis FieldsHeritage ParkHighbury ParkThe Ridge (East)Evermore HeightsBaldivis Quarter (Lot 22 Smirk Road)
Avalon (Smirk Road North)
The Dales (Smirk Road South)
Bougainvillea Estate (Lot 18 Sixty Eight Road)
Paramount Estate (Lots 635, 739 and 740 Baldivis Road)Brightwood Estate (Lots 569 & 1263 Baldivis Road and Lot 21 Sixty Eight Road)Lot 19 Sixty Eight RoadBaldivis Grove (Lot 335 Eighty Road, Lot 1001 Pike Road and portion of Lot 601 Mandurah Road)Heritage Park Phase Two (Lots 986 and 993 Baldivis Road)

Golden Bay


Port Kennedy

Kennedy ParkSt MichelLongbeach EstateKennedy Springs


Secret Harbour

Secret HarbourAnstey Park



Harrington WatersSeabreeze Waikiki (Former Waikiki School Site)

Neighbourhood Centre Indicative Development Guide Plans

Integrated Development Guide Plans (IDGPs) and Detailed Area Plans (DAPs) have been prepared to guide the development for a number of Neighbourhood Centre Precincts within Rockingham's new growth areas. These plans have statutory effect similar to a Local Structure Plan and outline both the pattern of development and intended built form.

Activity Centre Structure Plans

Activity Centre Structure Plans are prepared in accordance with the Western Australian Planning Commission's State Planning Policy No.4.2 - Activity Centres for Perth and Peel (SPP 4.2).

The main purpose of SPP 4.2 is to specify broad planning requirements for the planning and development of new Activity Centres and the redevelopment and renewal of existing centres in Perth and Peel. It is mainly concerned with the distribution, function, broad land use and urban design criteria of Activity Centres, and with coordinating their land use and infrastructure planning.

Other purposes of SPP 4.2 include the integration of Activity Centres with public transport; ensuring they contain a range of activities to promote community benefits through infrastructure efficiency and economic benefits of business clusters; and lower transport energy use and associated carbon emissions.

District Town Centre Indicative Development Guide Plans

Integrated Development Guide Plans (IDGPs) are prepared to guide the development of 'Main Street' District Town Centres. These plans have statutory effect similar to a Local Structure Plan and outline both the pattern of development and intended built form. For each District Town Centre, the City has adopted a corresponding Local Planning Policy that provides specific details to guide development.

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