Parking and vehicles

Parking in Syren Street

Parking rules

Our Rangers are employed to enforce the local parking laws to support community safety, ensure everyone can access where they need to go, and to protect the environment. We actively promote safe and legal parking through enforcement and education programs.

Illegal verge parking or over-staying time limits is a strong focus for our Rangers. It is important for everyone to abide by the law, pay attention to signs and display permits correctly at all times. Vehicles parked on the road must not be parked against the flow of traffic or obstruct pedestrian access ways and footpaths.  And remember to plan ahead for parking on weekends and at major events. See below for some tips on how to avoid an infringement.

​Please note that parking restrictions are enforced on all days including on public holidays, unless otherwise directed by the signs.

Appropriate signs throughout the City clearly indicate parking restrictions, including time limitations, which must be obeyed. Breaches of parking restrictions are monitored and enforced by Ranger Services and parking offences and can attract on-the-spot fines.

Rockingham Centre and Warnbro Centre are Parking Stations under the City's Parking Local Law. Sign-posted restrictions apply in this area. City Rangers have the authority to issue infringements for unauthorised parking at these shopping centres.

Contact us

For all enquiries relating to a Ranger or local laws please phone 9528 0333.

Ranger Services are available seven days a week (excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday) between 7am and 7pm.

For enquiries outside of business hours, please leave a detailed message with the City's after-hours service on 9528 0333 and a Ranger will be in contact at the earliest convenience the following day.

Parking around our City

Public parking at the Rockingham Foreshore

We have designed a map outlining all public parking available at the foreshore precinct.  There is a variety of parking options available, with timed parking bays ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours, and over 650 untimed bays for those who want to enjoy our foreshore for longer.

​Please note that parking restrictions can change at short notice so always adhere to the signs to avoid an infringement.

McNicholl Parking Precinct

The McNicholl Parking Precinct encompasses the businesses and services along Chalgrove Avenue, McNicholl Street and the surrounding area. Residents frequent this area to visit the Department of Transport, City administration buildings, Rockingham Police Station, Rockingham Courthouse, Centrelink, the medical centre and surrounding businesses. There has recently been some changes to the parking bays in some areas. An up-to-date parking map has been developed to assist residents to find suitable parking.

Ensure you adhere to parking restrictions as signposted as this may change at short notice.

School parking

Local Rangers undertake regular high visibility patrols around all schools within the City.  By abiding with our City's Local Parking Laws, parents are ensuring the safety of children.  A Smart Parking poster with useful information specifically targeted to schools is available to download below.

boy crossing a road


Secret Harbour Town Centre

The Secret Harbour Town Centre includes a range of parking options including more than 550 untimed parking bays. The City of Rockingham monitors compliance with ACROD bays and street-side timed parking. 

Selling vehicles on verges

Owners of vehicles cannot display their vehicles for sale on road or street verges as is unlawful throughout the State and can obstruct the vision of other road users. Distracted drivers pose a significant road safety concern, therefore rangers may issue an on-the-spot fine for illegal verge sales. Police may also issue fines under the Road Traffic Act.

Off-road vehicles

There is no legal off-road vehicle area located in Rockingham. Trail bikes and other off-road vehicles are not permitted to be used on public land within the City.

The irresponsible use of trail bikes is an issue of public safety and can be a nuisance to residents and landowners. Trail bikes can also have a significant damaging effect on the local environment so therefore trail bikes and off-road vehicles should only be used in a safe and responsible law-abiding manner.

Driving or parking a vehicle on any beach in Rockingham is prohibited. When using a boat ramp facility a vehicle must not remain on a beach and should be moved to a parking area once it has unloaded or loaded a boat or ski.

Infringement penalties apply for illegal off-road vehicle activity and driving or parking on a beach.

Nearby designated off-road vehicle areas:

  • Medina on Thomas Rd, just before the Rockingham Rd intersection.
  • About 15km south of Mandurah on the Perth to Bunbury Highway is the turn off to Tim's Thicket beach. This road eventually terminates and you can either get down to the beach via a pedestrian path that crosses over two sand dunes, or for those looking to get off road, there’s a 4WD track immediately to your right. After a short drive along the track, a fork in the road will take you down onto the southern end of the beach.
  • Whitehills beach is a part of Yalgorup National Park and access is via White Hills Road, about 17km south of Mandurah on Old Coast Road.



Abandoned vehicles

A vehicle can be classified as abandoned if it is parked in a public place exceeding 24 hours. An attending Ranger will mark the tyres and return the next day to see if the vehicle has moved. If the vehicle has not moved, the Ranger will attach a vehicle reported sticker and a notice requiring the vehicle to be removed within 24 hours, unless it is causing a traffic hazard or obstruction (in which case it may be sooner). The Ranger will recheck the vehicle the following day, and if it has not been removed from the public place, it may be towed and impounded at the City’s contracted holding yard. 

The owner may also incur an infringement for the offence of leaving a vehicle so as to obstruct a public place (9.6 of the Parking Local Law 2018).

To report an abandoned vehicle please contact us on 9528 0333.


Appeal a parking infringement

If you have received an infringement from us for a vehicle offence and believe you have grounds to appeal you may do so via our infringements appeal online form.

It is important to note that "being unaware of the City's Local Laws" will not be considered as grounds for an appeal

Tips to avoid an infringement

  • Do not park against the flow of traffic
  • No parking on a footpath
  • No parking on a reserve
  • No parking near an intersection
  • Do not leave an unhitched boat, caravan or trailer on a verge
  • Be aware of parking restrictions
  • Do not park on the median strips
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