Rural Road Numbering

Rural road

Rural Road Numbering is the style of property addressing used for rural and semi-rural areas in Western Australia.

Rural road numbers are allocated based on how far your property entrance (crossover/driveway) is from the nominated start of the road. Odd numbers are always allocated to the left side of the road and even numbers are allocated to the right. For example, a property numbered 327 would be located on the left-hand side of the road 3.27km from the start of the road.

This numbering was introduced to aid emergency services when responding to time-critical situations and service providers in locating rural and semi-rural properties more easily and efficiently. Residents are encouraged to apply for a rural road number if you own a rural property that is currently still using a lot number for addressing i.e. Lot 100 Rural Street. 

Request a Rural Road Number

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to have a rural road number allocated?

The property owner can place a written request to the City via email to or to PO Box 2142, Rockingham DC WA 6967.

This request MUST come from the registered property owner.

What are the pre-requisites required for a rural road number allocation?

To have a rural road number allocated, a property must have a constructed crossover/driveway. This is used as the property's measurement point for the allocation.

Can I have a number allocated to my vacant block?

Yes, a number can be allocated to a vacant block providing there is a constructed crossover/driveway at the property.

Can I select the number my property is allocated?

No, the numbering is based on measurement and as such the number allocated to your property is required to follow this numbering standard.

How long does the allocation process take?

Once we receive your allocation request, the process can take up to five working days.

How soon can I start using my rural road number?

You can begin using your rural road number when you receive a confirmation letter or email from the City.

Who do I need to notify of the rural road number allocation?

As part of the allocation process, the City will notify:

  • Landgate

  • Australian Electoral Commission

  • Australia Post

  • ATCO Gas

  • NBN Co.

  • Synergy

  • Telstra

  • Water Corporation

  • City Rates, Planning, and Building Departments

Due to security and privacy constraints, you will need to notify banks, insurance companies and any other businesses/organisations of the addressing change.

Will the rural road number replace my lot number?

Your rural road number will replace your lot number for physical addressing and mailing purposes.

However, your property will always retain its lot number as a form of land parcel identification.

I have more than one property access, can I be allocated two rural road numbers?

Yes, properties with more than one access point can be allocated a number for each entry. Please indicate in your written request to the City if you require two numbers to be allocated to your property and which crossover/driveway is your main point of access.

Will the City supply and install a physical number at my property once my rural road number is allocated?

The City does not supply/install physical numbers to residents for their rural properties. 

There is no standard or style constraints for the numbering and the City deems it acceptable for residents to place property numbers on a letterbox and/or property fencing.

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