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My neighbour’s dog continually barks. Can anything be done?

Yes, action can be taken to resolve such problems. The first thing to do is to discuss the situation with your neighbour in a calm and friendly way. If this is not possible, or if the problem persists, you should call us on 9528 0333 to speak with a Ranger.

How and where do I register my dog?

Dog registrations can be completed in person at our Administration Centre, on the corner of Civic Boulevard and Central Promenade, Rockingham.

If you have received a registration renewal notice from us, you can pay it online.

Alternatively, you can lodge an online general enquiry/request, email customer@rockingham.wa.gov.au or phone 9528 0333 to have a form sent out to you.

My dog’s tag has been lost/destroyed. How do I get a new one?

You can get a replacement tag for your dog by contacting us on 9528 0333, or you can come in person to our Administration Centre and a new tag will be supplied.

Do I need to register my cat?

Yes. It is a requirement by law that cats over the age of six months are registered with the relevant local government. Please visit our cats page for more information on how to register your cat and the costs involved. Cat registration renewals can also be paid online.

Is there a curfew for cats?

No. The Cat Act 2011 does not require cats to be confined to a property and there is no local law in place. However, it is recommended that cats should be confined to a pen or house at night between 8pm and 7am. Refer to the Information on Keeping Cats document on our cats page for information about dealing with roaming cats.

My bin wasn’t emptied today. Can I get it collected?

Please contact us on 9528 0333.

My rubbish bin was damaged or stolen. What can I do?

Please contact us 9528 0333 and we will arrange for your bin to be repaired or a new bin to be delivered.

When is the next junk/green waste pickup in my area?

There are three green waste collections and one junk collection per financial year. To find out the date of your next collection, please type your address into Near Me or contact us on 9528 0333.

How do I get tip passes for my property?

Tip passes are included with the annual rate notice for all eligible improved properties.

If you have recently built on your property, tip passes will be included with your interim rates account. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form or email customer@rockingham.wa.gov.au requesting for tip passes to be posted out.

My new house has just been built. How do I request a bin ?

Please contact us on 9528 0333 and we will arrange for a new bin to be delivered.

Can I obtain a copy of the plans of my property and is there a fee?

Yes, you can obtain copies of plans for dwellings and commercial buildings in the City. Fees apply. Please call 9528 0333 or visit our Administration Centre for more information and to order plans. Please note that copy plans take up to five days to complete.

What structures require a building permit on my property?

Any building/structure being constructed on your property requires a building permit from the City. Please contact us on 9528 0333 for further information or visit building applications and permits.

The dividing fence needs replacing and my neighbour won’t pay half. What can I do?

Visit the Dividing fence matters – overview on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety for further information.

Who is responsible for maintaining and/or repairing a crossover?

The property owner is responsible for maintaining and/or repairing a crossover.  For more information regarding crossovers please visit verges and gardens.

How do I obtain a rebate for the crossover on my new property?

Visit verges and gardens for everything you need to know residential crossovers.

Who do I contact about graffiti?

We remove graffiti vandalism from City, and in some cases, private property.

You can report graffiti vandalism on City property using the LitterBusters app, by calling 1800 4 LITTER (1800 454 883) or completing an online graffiti removal request.

Where private property is abutting Council reserves or graffiti is visible from the road, we will remove graffiti vandalism only once from each property, at the City’s cost. 

Graffiti vandalism on private property should be reported to the State Graffiti Hotline on 1800 442 255. You can also report graffiti online at Goodbye Graffiti.

Do you have a Justice of the Peace available at the City of Rockingham?

No, but you can search for a Justice of the Peace in your local area on the WA Government website.

How can I notify you of a change of address for my rate notice?

You can advise us in person at our Administration Centre or alternatively, you can call us on 9528 0333 or complete a change of name and address form.

I need to contact a property owner, how do I get their details?

The Rate Book is located at the customer service counter in our Administration Centre and is available for public viewing.

Elections and the Electoral Roll - does the City of Rockingham have electoral wards?

Yes, the City of Rockingham comprises three wards:

  • Baldivis Ward (three councillor representatives)
  • Comet Bay Ward (two councillor representatives)
  • Rockingham/Safety Bay Ward (six councillor representatives)

There is also an elector elected Mayor (popularly elected Mayor). 

Enrolment information and more information regarding Council elections can be found at voting and elections.

Who do I speak with regarding road works in my street? How do I find out more about it or report damage to my property?

You can find out what work is happening near you on our current projects and works map. For information about damage to your home caused by construction, visit roads, footpaths and traffic.

How do I report a pothole that needs repairs?

Please call 9528 0333 about potholes that need repair and we will file a maintenance request for you. Or alternatively complete our online report a road problem form.

How do I report footpath or kerbing that needs repairs?

Visit roads, footpaths and traffic for details and frequently asked questions.

How do I report traffic or speeding issues near my home?

Visit roads, footpaths and traffic for details and frequently asked questions.

Where do I find information regarding recreational boating and fishing in the City?

Visit boating and fishing for details and frequently asked questions.

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