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Voting and elections

Text on green background: Local Government Elections 2023 - Speak for those that can't. Stand for your local Council.

About local government elections

The City of Rockingham Ordinary Local Government Elections are held every two years, on the third Saturday in October. 

The next Local Government Election will be held on Saturday 21 October 2023.

The City of Rockingham elections are conducted by the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) as a postal election. All eligible electors will be sent voting papers for their respective ward for completion and return by prepaid post.

The contact information for the City of Rockingham Returning Officer appointed by the WAEC:

Details of past and forthcoming elections at the City can be found on the Western Australian Electoral Commissionopens in a new window website.


Candidate nominations

The nomination period for the Local Government Elections 2023 is now open and closes at 4pm Thursday 7 September 2023.

To see candidate profiles who have nominated to date, please view the 2023 Election candidate page.

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Voter - FAQs

Can I vote in the up and coming local election?

Yes, as long as you are enrolled on the State electoral roll for a residence in the City of Rockingham, or are on the City of Rockingham Owner and Occupiers Roll. Please visit the Western Australian Electoral Commissionopens in a new window to check your enrolment. 

 More information is available in the enrolment section.

Is voting in the local government election compulsory?

No voting is not compulsory for local government elections, however all electors are encouraged to make their vote count.

When is close of enrolments for the electoral roll?

Enrolments close on Friday 25 August 2023. To update your enrolment details please contact the Western Australian Electoral Commissionopens in a new window.

How do I vote?

The election will be conducted via postal vote. Electors can expect to receive their ballot papers approximately three weeks prior to the election and are encouraged to post back their vote as soon as possible.

If you misplace your ballot paper, you may visit the City of Rockingham Administration Building located on Civic Boulevard in Rockingham to have your voting package reissued, and for your convenience a ballot box is available to lodge your vote.

On Election Day, Saturday 21 October, if you haven’t returned your postal vote, make your vote count and deliver your vote in person between 8am – 6pm at the Administration Building.

What ward am I in?

The City of Rockingham has three wards:

  • Baldivis Ward (three councillor representatives)
  • Comet Bay Ward (two councillor representatives)
  • Rockingham/Safety Bay Ward (six councillor representatives)

To find out your ward visit Near Meopens in a new window.

The vacancies for each ward in the 2023 Ordinary Election are: 

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Ward                   Vacancy Term   
Baldivis Ward 2 vacancies4 years
Comet Bay Ward1 vacancy4 years
Rockingham / Safety Bay Ward 3 vacancies 4 years
How do I vote for my preferred candidate?

In accordance with Schedule 4.1 of the Local Government Act 1995, votes in the Local Government Election are conducted using the Optional Preferential Voting System (OPV).

OPV requires electors to record a first preference on their ballot papers by placing a ‘1’ in the box alongside the candidate for their first preference. If an elector wishes to register additional preferences this can be done using consecutive numbers in the remaining boxes.

The result of an election will be determined by counting the number of votes each candidate receives in the count.

When and where are the votes counted for the Local Government Elections?

The votes will be counted from 6pm on Election Day. The public is welcome to watch the votes being counted.

The count will take place at the City of Rockingham Administration Building, Civic Boulevard, Rockingham in the Reception Room.

Can I vote for the Mayor?

Yes, the community elect the Mayor. The next Mayoral election is in 2025.

Who am I voting for?

Councillors represent each of the three wards of Rockingham.

At the 2023 Ordinary Election, you will be voting for a nominated candidate from your ward. To find out your ward visit Near Meopens in a new window

2023 Election candidates

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Ward                  Vacancy    Term   
Baldivis Ward 2 vacancies4 years
Comet Bay Ward1 vacancy4 years
Rockingham / Safety Bay Ward 3 vacancies 4 years

Candidate - FAQs

2023 City of Rockingham Candidate Information Session

The City of Rockingham hosted a Candidate Information Session on Thursday 24 August 2023. A copy of the Candidate Information Session presentation is available below.

Presenters and topics:

  • City of Rockingham Chief Executive Officer - Michael Parker - About the City of Rockingham, the organisation, Council and the 2023 Election.
  • WALGA Representative Governance Specialist - Emma Hayes - Understanding local government, roles and responsibilities, Council meetings, conflicts of interest, Council plans and support Council members.
  • WAEC Phil Richards - Nomination process, election process including voting and campaign requirements.
2023 Candidate Information Briefing Webinar - Hosted by WALGA, DLGSC and WAEC

WALGA hosted an Election Candidate Information Briefing webinar on Monday 14 August 2023.

Presenters and topics:

  • Minister for Local Government, the Hon. David Michael – the Importance of Local Government in Western Australia.
  • WA Local Government Association President Karen Chappel – why being a Councillor is important in our communities.
  • Robert Kennedy, WA Electoral Commissioner, together with Phil Richards, Manager Election Events - on the process and key dates on running to become a Local Government Councillor in 2023.
  • WALGA Representatives, the purpose of local government, the role of an Elected Member, conflicts of interest.
  • Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries – The role of DLGSC as the regulator of the Local Government Act and Regulations and key compliance provisions for Elected Members and candidates, including code of conduct requirements.

WALGA Candidate Information webinar

Optional Preferential Voting

To find out more about how optional preferential voting works, watch this Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries webinar.


Why should I nominate as a candidate for election?

The role of Council Member is rewarding and challenging, and can often be time consuming, demanding and complex but it also will give you an opportunity to contribute to the community and influence decisions that shape the future of Rockingham.

Council Members have the opportunity to:

  • provide leadership and guidance to the community
  • facilitate communication between community and the Council
  • help determine and review policy
  • influence the local government planning for the future
  • help to ensure the community gets the best possible value from its assets
  • govern the finances of the local government through the corproate business plan and long term financial planning.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website provides more information on the role of council member.opens in a new window

What vacancies are up for nomination in 2023?

In the 2023 Ordinary Election there are vacancies available across each ward:

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Ward                  Vacancy    Term    
Baldivis Ward 2 vacancies4 years
Comet Bay Ward1 vacancy4 years
Rockingham / Safety Bay Ward 3 vacancies 4 years
Who can nominate as a candidate?

To stand for election as a Council Member, you must:

You do not need to be an elector within the ward for which you are standing.

How do I nominate as a candidate?

To nominate as a candidate for the 2023 Election, contact the Western Australian Electoral Commission Returning Officer. Nominations are made to the WAEC Returning Officer Ms Vesna Harrison during the nomination period Thursday 31 August 2023  and close Thursday 7 September 2023 4pm.

Candidates will need to make a valid application accompanied with an $100.00 deposit. 

When can candidates nominate for election?

The nomination period opens on Thursday 31 August 2023 and closes at 4pm on Thursday 7 September 2023.

Interested candidates should contact the Returning Officer to discuss their nomination. 

A mandatory candidate inductionopens in a new window must be completed prior to nomination.

Who is the Returning Officer?

The Returning Officer for the Local Government Elections is appointed by the Western Australian Electoral Commission and is:

Candidate Code of Conduct

Candidates are required to adhere to the City of Rockingham Code of Conduct for Council Members, Committee Members and Candidates. Please ensure as a candidate you are familiar with the requirements of the Code of Conduct.

Electoral gifts and donations disclosure requirements

Both candidates and donors are required to disclose electoral gifts/donations (gift). Any election-related gift received within six months of the Election Day must be disclosed if:

  1. The value of the gift is $300 or more; or
  2. The value of the gift is less than $300, but the gift is one of two or more gifts, with a total value of $300.

Candidates and donors should inform themselves of the requirements and obligations of electoral gifts including the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997opens in a new window, Part 5A – Disclosure of Gifts.

Disclosure period

Within three days of nomination, any candidate in a Local Government Election is required to disclose any gifts received within the disclosure period, from 21 April 2023.

The disclosure period commences six months prior to Election Day. Any gift received after nomination is required to be disclosed within three days of acceptance of the gift.

Penalties apply ($5,000).

Electoral gift register

Any disclosure of gifts forms relating to a candidate must be maintained on the electoral gift register until the end of the period of 4 years after the relevant election, and include both successful and unsuccessful candidates disclosures. At the end of the 4 year term they will be removed from the electoral gift register and maintained separately for an additional 2 years.

How a disclosure is made

Candidates and donors must make the disclosure on a LG 9A Disclosure of Gifts form and submitted to the Chief Executive Officer.

The Chief Executive Officer is required to establish and maintain a public electoral gift register located on the City's website.

Contact our Governance and Councillor Support team for any further information on 9528 0319.

Election candidate signage and advertising requirements

Candidates are advised to read the information sheet below regarding City of Rockingham Signage and Advertising Requirements for Elections.

Campaigning in a public place:

If a candidate is intending to hold a stall to campaign in a public place, a permit from City’s Health Services is required. Please contact the City’s Permits Officer on 9528 0730 to obtain a permit. For more information on permits visit event approvals and permits.

As a candidate can I use the City of Rockingham logos and photos in my campaign?

Candidates must not use the following:

  • City of Rockingham logos or crests
  • Photos from the City's website or social media platforms.

Candidates may share City of Rockingham information with direct links from the City's website or share posts from the City's official social media accounts. 

Where can I get more information about the election process and running as a candidate for election?

Prospective candidates are encouraged to:

Visit the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries websiteopens in a new window for detailed information on becoming a candidate and running your election campaign 

Visit the Western Australian Electoral Commission websiteopens in a new window for information on making your nomination and required forms and the election process.


City of Rockingham resident

  • City of Rockingham residents enrolled on the State electoral roll are eligible to vote at Council elections. Check your enrolment details are up to date at Check Your Enrolmentopens in a new window
  • If you are an owner or occupier of rateable property within the City of Rockingham, and meet the eligibility criteria, you are entitled to be enrolled to vote at Council elections. 

If you are not on the State electoral roll and you are 18 years or older, an Australian citizen and lived at your current address for at least one month, please visit the enrolment page of the Western Australian Electoral Commissionopens in a new window to enrol online or to download an enrolment form.

City of Rockingham non-resident

If you don't live in the City of Rockingham but:

  • own a rateable property 
  • own or operate a business in the City (right of continuous occupation under a lease, tenancy agreement or other legal instrument for at least the next three months following the date of application) 
  • are enrolled on the State roll as living outside the district or if you are not on any other roll but meet the eligibility criteria

enrolment is no longer automatic so you must apply to be placed on the Owner and Occupiers roll by lodging an Enrolment Eligibility Claim Form 2  which can be downloaded below and lodged at the City of Rockingham Administration Centre or via mail City of Rockingham, PO Box 2142, Rockingham DC WA 6967.

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