Civic Bells

City of Rockingham’s Civic Bells

The City of Rockingham Civic Bells are located in the bell tower at the City of Rockingham Administration Centre. The tower contains a full octave of eight bells, designed for “full-circle” ringing using the traditional seventeenth-century English system. They were manufactured at English bell foundries, with number five and six being cast as early as 1926.

See below for a brochure on the history of our bells.

Civic Bells

Rockingham Civic Centre Bellringers Association

The City supports a group of enthusiastic and dedicated bellringers. Their usual practice is on a Monday evening between 6pm and 8pm.

If you are interested in joining the Rockingham Civic Centre Bellringers Association, (pictured below), please contact Tony Lloyd on 0411 474 498.

Bellringers Association members

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