Local Development Plans

The Residential Design Codes (WA), or R-Codes, apply to all residential land in the district, but there are new estates where the R-Codes are supplemented by different standards for new single house developments.

A Local Development Plan (LDP), includes specific residential design requirements that generally apply to laneway 'cottage' lots. The purpose of a LDP is to provide building envelopes and garage locations for rear access so houses can overlook the street. Sometimes fencing requirements apply, for example where a lot abuts a local park and where passive surveillance is needed to improve the safety of people using the park.

House designs are required to comply with LDPs except where variations are provided for on the approved LDP, such as 'preferred garage locations' as opposed to 'mandatory garage locations'. LDPs are normally prepared as a condition of subdivision by the developer who must ensure that purchasers are given a copy of the approved LDP prior to sale.

LDPs were previously known as Detailed Area Plans (DAPs), until their name changed in 2016. All adopted DAPs continue to apply but they are now referred to as LDPs. If your property does not have an LDP, it may be included in the RMD Codes Policy Area where Planning Policy No.3.3.22 Medium-Density Single House Development Standards - Development Zones (PP3.3.22) applies.

In recognition of the need for new single house development standards that improve built form, open space and streetscapes, Council adopted Planning Policy No.3.3.22 Medium-Density Single House Development Standards - Development Zones (PP3.3.22) on 28 June 2016. PP3.3.22 has reduced the need to have individual DAPs, and has allowed a more uniform set of single house development standards to apply throughout most new estates. If you have brought a residential lot just before or after 28 June 2016, PP3.3.22 is likely to apply.

New owners and building companies should read the City's LDPs and PP3.3.22, as it explains our development standards and it will help when obtaining a building permit. This is also an opportunity to select a house design for a block and apply reduced setbacks to achieve improved backyard space.

In applying an LDP or PP3.3.22, a building permit is the only requirement for a lot.

Any enquiries regarding LDP requirements or PP3.3.22 can be made on 9528 0333 or customer@rockingham.wa.gov.au.

The LDPs are listed below

Local Development Plans

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