Verge waste collection

Verge collection services for residents

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Waste can only be placed on your verge no more than two days prior to your scheduled collection date. If you have already put waste out for collection, please bring it back in until the start of your collection period.

Verge waste is collected with machinery which can damage lawn or artificial turf. Please consider where you place your waste so as to minimise the risk of damage.

Vacant blocks, businesses, or parks will not be serviced.

You can use your tip passes to drop off items at the Millar Road Landfill and Recycling Facility outside of your collection dates.

2023 map of verge collection areas

General waste verge collection

A bulk general waste verge collection service is scheduled annually.

A maximum of two cubic metres applies per residential property.

To ensure maximum recycling, please place verge items into five neat piles (maximum of two cubic metres in total):

  1. Fridges and white goods
  2. Other metals
  3. Mattresses
  4. General waste
  5. E-waste

Green waste verge collection

Two green waste verge collections are scheduled per financial year; one prior to summer and one prior to winter so that properties can be prepared for the fire and storm seasons.

A maximum of three cubic metres per residential property, and per green waste verge collection will be collected.

The green waste verge collection is for:

  • tree and shrub prunings to a maximum of 1.5 metres in length and 350 mm in diameter.

Please do not place green waste on tarps, or in boxes or bags, and do not tie the prunings with string. Artificial turf is also not accepted during the green waste verge collection.

Non-conforming verge collection

Verge waste will not be collected if it does not meet our regulations for verge collections so please ensure you follow the guidelines in the Verge Waste Collection Flyer you will receive in your mailbox and as listed above. Officers or the City’s contractor may leave notification for why verge waste was not collected.

It is the responsibility of the resident or property owner to make alternative arrangements for the disposal of their rubbish if the regulations are not met. Tip passes can be used to drop items to the Millar Road Landfill Facility, Baldivis. All metal objects and other items may be accepted at the Millar Road Recycling Facility free of charge.

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