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Community members sorting through plastics collected on theIn May 2019, Council endorsed a Single Use Plastics and Balloons Policy, along with a unique guideline which provides detailed information to assist in making the switch away from single use plastics. The policy provides controls that minimise the adverse impacts of these disposable materials on the environment, and particularly marine wildlife.

​The policy requires that single use plastic items be substituted with compostable or reusable alternatives and applies to all City operations, traders operating with a permit issued by the City and events held in public places, where approval is required by the City. Compliance with the policy will be required as a condition of approval for all new trading permits, however, an initial transition period of 12 months will be applied to allow traders time to adjust.

​Implementation of this policy is an important part of our ongoing commitment to a sustainable environment and will ensure the City continues to be a place "where the coast comes to life".

Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is recognised globally as an annual month of global change, where individuals, businesses and governments comes together to take action to reduce plastic waste. By sharing ideas, positive actions and stories of change, Plastic Free July helps people and organisations "choose to refuse" single-use plastic every day.

This July, the City is supporting Plastic Free July to encourage our community to choose to refuse single-use plastics.

Together, we can all do our part to help end plastic pollution, alleviate the recycling crisis, reduce landfill waste and mitigate the effects of climate change.

The Plastic Free July challenge provides resources and ideas to help participants reduce single-use plastic waste every day at home, work, school and in the community.

How to get involved?

The Plastic Free July website is a great place to get inspiration and support, and to share your tips, ideas and experiences.

Plastic Free July coordinates well with Western Australia's state-wide Plastic Ban, aimed at reducing plastic pollution. If you would like to learn more please visit the WA Plastics Ban website.

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