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Waikiki Foreshore Public Toilets

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We have 35 public toilet facilities located around the City – 20 of these are located along the coast and the remainder are on inland reserves. Each facility is cleaned at least once per day, with toilets in high-use areas, such as Rockingham Foreshore, cleaned up to four times per day in peak periods.

We spend about $1 million a year maintaining and operating our public toilets - that's approximately $28,000 per facility.

If you have any concerns regarding cleaning, maintenance, water leaks or vandalism report them to us on 9528 0333 or you can lodge a report online. Please report any criminal activity to the Police on 131 444.

Find the nearest toilet

You can find the nearest facility using the National Public Toilet Map which provides a database of over 19,000 public and private public toilet locations across Australia. The website also provides further information on the facilities available at each toilet such as accessibility.

National Public Toilet Map

Opening times

October - April5am–9pm
May - September6am–7pm
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