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Community Engagment 

Community engagement is a process during which community members and relevant stakeholders are informed about plans and activities within the City, and can actively become involved with providing input.

Community Engagement is carried out in line with the Council Policy - Community Engagment and follows our Community Engagemnt Framework (found below). It is a key element of the City’s Strategic Community Plan (2023-2033), addressed under the following aspirations:

Share your thoughts - we welcome your input


We understand that what’s happening in your neighbourhood is important to you, and we want to ensure that you have the opportunity to share your thoughts. We encourage you to view the items currently open for public comment and take the opportunity to join the conversation and follow projects, strategies or polices that matter to you.

Alternatively, you can also provide us with feedback at any time:

Thank you for helping us prepare for the future. 

Items open for public comment


Getting involved

There are lots of different opportunities to get involved and share your thoughts throughout the City. We want you to share your ideas, insight and feedback on our strategies, projects and policies to help shape decisions and your City.

Here are some of the common approaches to engagement you may see:

  • advisory committees and community reference groups
  • information sessions, workshops and community meetings
  • public comment period (share your thoughts)
  • surveys or polls.

You may hear about these in range of different ways:

  • our website or Rock Port
  • social media and advertising (such as public notices or radio adverts)
  • letters to affected residents
  • publications (such City Chronicle, information sheets, newsletters or FAQ sheets).

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