Prohibited Burning Period Extended

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has further extended the Prohibited Burning Period to Sunday 28 April 2024. No Permits to Burn will be issued during this time. All enquiries to 9528 0333.

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Council Members

Council comprises the Mayor and 11 Councillors who look after the interests of the community. The Mayor and Councillors, with their wealth of experience and commitment, serve to meet the requirements of the community at all times and are readily available to residents. Councillors represent one of the City's three wards:

  • Baldivis Ward - three Councillors
  • Comet Bay Ward - two Councillors
  • Rockingham/Safety Bay Ward - six Councillors

Council members


Cr Deb Hamblin

Mayor Deb Hamblin

Mobile 0404 895 046

(Term 2021 - 2025)

Baldivis Ward

Mick Crichton

Cr Mike Crichton

Mobile 0466 258 253

(Term 2023 - 2027)



Kelly Middlecoat

Cr Kelly Middlecoat

Mobile 0408 883 188

(Term 2023 - 2027)




Brett Wormall

Cr Brett Wormall

Mobile 0400 040 070

(Term 2021 - 2025)

Comet Bay Ward

Cr Lorna Buchan

Deputy Mayor Lorna Buchan

Mobile 0420 596 453

(Term 2023 - 2027)



Robert Schmidt

Cr Robert Schmidt

Mobile 0415 420 706

(Term 2021 - 2025)

Rockingham/Safety Bay Ward

Cr Craig Buchanan.

Cr Craig Buchanan

Mobile 0427 931 745

(Term 2023 - 2027)




Councillor Peter Hudson.

Cr Peter Hudson

Mobile 0493 773 699

(Term 2023 - 2027)



Caroline Hume

Cr Caroline Hume

Mobile 0429 976 440

(Term 2021 - 2025)



Dawn Jecks

Cr Dawn Jecks

Mobile 0424 598 656

(Term 2021 - 2025)



Cr Mark Jones.

Cr Mark Jones

Mobile 0410 844 880

(Term 2023 - 2027)



Cr Leigh Liley.

Cr Leigh Liley

Mobile 0407 774 204

(Term 2021 - 2025)

Council member complaints

The City of Rockingham Code of Conduct for Council Members, Committee Members and Candidates comprises three divisions relating to conduct:

  • Division 2 - General Principles
  • Division 3 – Behaviour
  • Division 4 – Rules of Conduct

Complaints related to breaches of Division 3 – Behaviour are dealt with by the local government. Complaints should be submitted via email to the Complaints Officer at on the Code of Conduct Breach Form within one month of the incident.

Council Policy - Code of Conduct Complaints Management Process outlines the manner in which Division 3 - Behaviour complaints are managed and how a determination is made. The City's principles in dealing with complaints are:

  • confidentiality
  • timeliness
  • natural justice and due process
  • fairness and impartiality.

Complaints related to Division 4 - Rules of Conductare dealt with by the Local Government Standards Panel. An overview of the complaint process and the complaint form can be found at the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries.

Any person who has lodged a complaint, or any person against whom a complaint has been made, must keep the complaint confidential until the complaint has been determined or a finding made.

All complaints that result in a finding under section 5.110(6)(b) that a minor breach has occurred are published in the City's Complaint Register.

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