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Measuring our performance

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The performance of our Strategic Community Plan is measured in a variety of ways, including:

  • the observation of trends in the Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • the Local Government Australasian Performance Excellence Program
  • the development and implementation of Community Plan Strategies to meet the Community Aspirations and objectives on time and within budget
  • ongoing tracking of the City's major infrastructure projects.

Building and Maintaining

Meeting our community's aspirations

Discover some of our recent infrastructure projects that are helping to ensure we meet the the community's aspirations for how they see Rockingham in the future.

Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

In the 2020 City of Rockingham Customer Satisfaction Survey residents gave the City a rating of 3.9 out of 5.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey enables us to measure the performance of our services and facilities, and to evaluate the effectiveness of our communication and engagement with residents.

From 4,000 randomly selected households, a total of 687 surveys were completed, representing a return rate of 17 per cent.

This year we were thrilled to see the City’s Net Promoter Score has increased from +16 to +30 - which means lots of people would recommend the City of Rockingham as a place to live. 

Participants highlighted they were most satisfied with our rubbish collection and recycling, parks (including gardens, picnic areas and foreshores), and sport and recreation centres, and playing fields with 80% rating these services as performing "well" or "very well".

Other results showed that the community’s preferred method of receiving City information was email newsletters and the City Chronicle, and that 24 per cent of participants had shared their thoughts on a community consultation item over the past 12 months.

Areas for improvement include town planning approvals, community safety programs, building approvals, public toilets, dog and cat management, local business support,  youth programs and facilities, and tourism promotion. 

Local Government Performance Excellence Program

We participate in the Local Government Australasian Performance Excellence Program which is coordinated annually by Price Waterhouse Cooper and Local Government Professionals Australia NSW.  It is a high level performance comparison of over 134 local governments across Western Australia, New South Wales and New Zealand. It measures areas such as Corporate Leadership, Operations Management, Workforce Management, Finance Management, Risk Management and Asset Management.

Annual feedback on the implementation of the Strategic Community Plan

Annual feedback on the City's progress with implementation of the Strategic Community Plan is presented to the community in the City's newsletter, the City Chronicle, and in the annual report.

On-going tracking of major infrastructure projects

An overview of the City's current, future and past major infrastructure projects is available in current projects and works

More information

​If you require more information or a copy of previous years' results or feedback reports, please contact us on 9528 0333 or email

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