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The Local Government Act 1995 requires a full review of the Strategic Community Plan every four years from when it was endorsed by Council, and a minor review every two years. 

The last full review commenced in February 2018 through extensive community engagement, culminating in the endorsement by Council of the City's Community Plan Vision, Community Aspirations and Strategic Objectives (2019-2029) at the September 2018 Council meeting. 

During 2020 a minor review was undertaken to give our community the chance to provide fresh feedback. This review process commenced in July 2020, the resulting changes didn't alter the intent of the plan, and were primarily updates to demographic data or minor edits to the names of our Community Plan Strategies that underpin our aspirations. 

You can learn more about the engagement undertaken for each of these reviews below.


Developing our Strategic Community Plan - 2018

A major review

Our plan was adopted in 2018, following a major strategic review and extensive community engagement at Planning for the Future workshops where the community outlined the aspirations and priorities for the future which guide the City’s strategic direction.

Community input

We held a series of Planning for the Future workshops and conducted surveys between February and May 2018 to determine the community's vision and aspirations. The community shared what they valued most about Rockingham, and what they wanted the City to aspire to be over the next 10 to 20 years.

More than 500 sets of inputs were received from the community during the process through the following:

  • community members – a total of seven workshops were held at various venues across the City (10,000 random sample invites were sent to the community to attend these workshops)
  • the City’s business community (organised in conjunction with Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce) 
  • Rockingham Youth Advisory Council
  • Kolbe College and Rockingham High School students
  • the Disability Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee (DAIAC) - members were asked to provide their inputs 
  • members of the community at the Salvation Army in Rockingham 
  • visitors to the City's libraries (by providing comments on questions in a survey book)
  • an online survey to the Rock Port community
  • a public survey on Facebook 
  • Rock Port working group online forum and workshop.

Councillor input

A workshop with the City's Councillors was held on 1 May 2018.  The purpose of this workshop was to present the outcomes from the community workshops and surveys, and to identify the priority areas for the community. A representative from each of the community workshops was in attendance to support the outcomes of their workshops.  There was a strong level of alignment with the feedback presented and what the Councillors believed should be the key strategic focus areas for the City for the next 10 years.

Reviewing our plan - 2020

A minor review

This review was advertised during July 2020 on the City’s website, social media and via public notice in the Sound Telegraph. We also sought comments from our Rock Port users, and the working group who helped to develop the plan in 2018. An updated version of the Strategic Community Plan was adopted by Council at the October 2020 meeting. 

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to the community members who took the time to provide feedback during our minor review.

Our vision and aspirations

Our community's vision

  • be home to a welcoming and inclusive community that understands, represents and preserves its unique sense of purpose and place
  • be recognised and admired as a contemporary and vibrant destination, renowned for its natural beauty and world class coastal and marine environments
  • offer a safe, relaxed and friendly tourism lifestyle, underpinned by a diverse range of community facilities, services and cultural activities all linked with a first class public transport system
  • prosper from investment that generates employment opportunities, created by a diverse and robust economic base including retail, services, tourism education, defence, horticulture and light and heavy industrial activities
  • continue to reduce our carbon footprint and the generation of waste
  • manage and use our land and marine environments in a manner that preserves them and recognises that the climate is changing.

Our community's aspirations 

  1. Actively pursue tourism and economic development
  2. Grow and nurture community connectedness and wellbeing
  3. Plan for future generations
  4. Deliver quality leadership and business expertise

The Strategic Community Plan (2019-2029) includes a list of Community Plan Strategies that will be implemented to fulfil the community's vision and aspirations.

If you require a hard copy of the vision, aspirations and strategic objectives, please contact us on 9528 0333 or email

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