Fire prevention


fire in bushland

Fire prevention

  • State and local governments, along with private landowners and occupiers, share responsibility to reduce the risk of unplanned bushfire throughout Western Australia.

    As a landowner or occupier you have a legal requirement under Section 33 of the Bush Fires Act 1954 to carry out fire prevention works on your property in accordance with the provisions of the City of Rockingham Fire Control Notice.

    Fire Control Notices are issued annually in July and inspections commence from 1 December.  Properties need to be maintained from 1 December to 31 May each year.

    The Fire Control Notice outlines your legal requirements with full firebreak specifications.

    Penalties of up to $5,000 can apply.

    For further information, contact our Fire Control Officer on 9528 0333.

  • City of Rockingham Health Local Law 1996 - Burning of Rubbish or Refuse

    The following is taken from the City of Rockingham Health Local Law 1996 at clause 49:

    "A person shall not, without the written approval of the local government; and except in accordance with the terms and conditions to which the approval is subject, set fire to, or cause to be set on fire, any rubbish or refuse either in any incinerator; or on the ground.

    An approval of the local government shall be issued subject to the following conditions:

    • The material to be burnt:
      • does not include any plastic, rubber, food scraps, green garden cuttings or other material when burnt 
      • is of such quantity, or of such a nature, as not to be suitable for removal by the local government’s refuse collection service
    • There is no other appropriate means of disposal;
    • Burning shall not take place during any period for which an air dispersion alert has been issued by the Bureau of Meteorology; or where this is no current dispersion alert, outside the hours of 10am to 3pm
    • An incinerator must meet the standards specified by the local government; an incinerator unit used for fire must be located at least two metres from a fence or building, at least nine metres from a neighbourhood dwelling and in such a position so as not to create a nuisance or be offensive to other persons."

    If you require further information, please email us on or call 9528 0333.

    Camping, heating and cooking

    Solid fuel devices such as fire pits, chimineas, barbecues and pizza ovens are allowed in the following conditions:

    • when a Total Fire Ban has not been declared
    • when the fire danger rating is not  High, Extreme or Catastrophic
    • a 3m clearance in radius has been established, clear of all bush and flammable material
    • where smoke is controlled so as not to be a nuisance.

    Enclosed gas fired devices are exempt and are allowed at any time.​

    Can I have a fire on a beach?

    No fires are allowed at any time on any of the City of Rockingham beaches.  

  • Burning periodsConditions
    1 April to 31 MayPermits required 
    1 June to 30 SeptemberNo permits required (rural and special rural properties only)
    1 October to 9 NovemberPermits required
    10 November to 31 MarchProhibited burning 

    From 10 November 2023 the City is in a restricted burning period. 

    ​Please ensure you stay informed about any declared Total Fire Bans. Visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services for information on prescribed burning and how reducing your fuel loadcan help protect you and your assets.

    ​Direct all enquiries to our Fire Control team on 9528 0333.

    Important note: These dates may vary from season to season. 

  • When would I need an application to vary firebreaks?

    Firebreaks are intended to minimise the spread or extension of a bushfire and provide safe access on your property for emergency vehicles. They are also important as the gap they create in the vegetation acts as a barrier to slow or stop the progress of a bushfire or wildfire.

    If for any reason it is considered impractical to clear firebreaks or to remove the flammable material from your land as required by the Fire Control Notice, you will need to complete an application to vary firebreaks.

    Please ensure you resubmit all current variations, regardless of when they were approved. We would like to ensure that variations comply to the current conditions and environment.

    Please complete the form below and forward to our Fire Prevention Officer on or before 31 October annually for approval to provide firebreaks in alternative positions or take alternative action to abate the fire hazard, e.g. slashing and mowing.

    If permission is not granted by our Fire Control Team, you must comply with the requirements of the Fire Control Notice.

  • You may wish to enlist the services of a firebreak contractor to assist you in installing and maintaining your firebreaks and/or your vacant land. 

    Here is a list of suggested contractors, however please note that it is the property owner's responsibility to ensure the work undertaken is in accordance with the requirements of the City's Fire Control Notice.

    It is recommended to enlist the services of a contractor early to ensure timely compliance.

    Sweeney Hire08 9541
    Adelby Pty Ltd0427 462
    Steve's Slashing0429 102 306
  • If you have received a bushfire infringement, you have the right to appeal.

    Appeal my infringement

    • We have a dedicated team of bushfire mitigation professionals who undertake work on City land to mitigate risk. These works are funded by both the City of Rockingham and the State Governments Mitigation Activity Fund (MAF).

      Works include the following:

      • mechanical clearing
      • prescribed burning
      • spraying
      • firebreaks
      • fire access roads
      • fencing

      In 2022/2023, the City was successful in securing $423,770 from the State Government to deliver bushfire mitigation works at 21 sites across the City.

      The City of Rockingham Bushfire Risk Management (BRM) Plan 2018 - 2022 is a strategic document that facilitates a coordinated approach towards the identification, assessment and treatment of assets exposed to bushfire risk.

      The Treatment Schedule sets out a broad program of coordinated multi-agency treatments to address risks identified in the BRM Plan.

      Government agencies and other land managers responsible for implementing treatments participate in developing the BRM Plan and Treatment Schedule to ensure treatment strategies are collaborative and efficient, regardless of land tenure.

      Aim and objectives

      The aim of the City of Rockingham BRM Plan is to effectively manage bushfire risk in order to protect people, assets and other things of local value in the City. The objectives of this BRM Plan are to:

      • guide and coordinate a tenure blind, multi-agency BRM program over a five-year period
      • document the process used to identify, analyse and evaluate risk, determine priorities and develop a plan to systematically treat risk
      • facilitate the effective use of the financial and physical resources available for BRM activities
      • integrate BRM into the business processes of local government, land owners and other agencies
      • ensure there is integration between land owners, BRM programs and activities, and
      • document processes used to monitor and review the implementation of treatment plans to ensure they are adaptable and that risk is managed at an acceptable level.
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