About town planning

City of Rockingham

The City of Rockingham deals with all matters relating to urban and regional planning, including land-use structure planning, rezoning/subdivision of land, environmental considerations, built form and urban design within the City. Our scope of works also includes the planning, development and project management of major public infrastructure works within the Rockingham City Centre.

Our Planning Services team is made up of four major service delivery sections:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Statutory Planning
  • City Centre Development
  • Environmental Planning.

Over many years, the City has experienced high growth given its prime coastal location, established employment, services and facilities and an abundance of future urban land. The extension of the Kwinana Freeway beyond Safety Bay Road, together with the Perth to Mandurah Passenger Railway, will contribute to growth remaining strong.

Recognition of Rockingham's existing development, strong planning framework and potential for growth has led the State Government to classify Rockingham as a 'Primary Centre'; being the highest order centre within the Perth and Peel regions behind the Perth Central Area.

We look forward to meeting the development challenges that are and will be presented to the City.

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