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Learn about protecting our trees, tree management, how to get free street trees and our Greening Plan within the City of Rockingham.

Protecting our trees

The City has a responsibility to promote and protect the public health, safety and general welfare of its residents through its management of trees in public areas.
As the City continues to grow and develop, we are losing more trees - but we have a plan to prevent this and reverse the decline. You can help too. All residents are encouraged to apply to have a street tree planted where suitable to do so.

Black Cockatoos Black Cockatoos
Trees offer many benefits; not just shade on a hot day. Trees individually and collectively benefit our community and the natural environment by:
  • providing food and shelter to a range of birds, animals and insects
  • filtering the air, improving air quality
  • buffering urban noise
  • improving visual aesthetics
  • moderating extremes of temperatures
  • assisting in energy conservation
  • enhancing property prices
  • increasing personal wellbeing and quality of life.
Understandably trees do provide some challenges trying to compete for the ever decreasing space in the urban environment, however we encourage the community to embrace trees as the benefits greatly out way the inconveniences that they present.
Tree management - City reserves and streetscapes
We are responsible for the planting, maintaining and removal of trees within the City’s reserves and streetscapes.
Golden Bay Trees Golden Bay Trees

In an urban environment trees, from time to time, can have some potential impacts such as:

  • debris from leaves, flowers, fruit, or bark dropping on roofs, gutters, paths, garden beds or lawns
  • potential damage to infrastructure either from encroaching roots or branches
  • shading of lawns, shrubs and solar panels.

Overall the benefits from trees are considered significantly higher than the potential impacts and for this reason, we follow strict guidelines regarding the management of trees. When requests are received to remove or prune trees the principle is that alternative options will be explored before removing or pruning trees.

If you consider that a tree poses a hazard due to it being dead, diseased or unsafe it can be reported and a City officer will inspect and make assessment. To request a tree inspection or report an issue make and enquiry via our online form. Alternatively please call 9528 0333.

Trees on private property

Trees on Special Residential, Special Rural or Rural Zoned properties

In accordance with the City of Rockingham Town Planning Scheme No. 2, removal of native vegetation (including individual trees) on Rural, Special Rural and Special Residential zoned land (including from within a building envelope) requires approval from the City of Rockingham.

The City may approve the removal of vegetation and/or individual trees where the trees are dead, diseased or dangerous or where clearing is required under other laws and regulations.

If you believe a tree on your property is unsafe or requires pruning, you should consult a qualified arborist and seek their professional opinion. If the tree is deemed unsafe (dead, diseased or dangerous), please lodge a request through Rock Port and attach the following:

  • photo/s of the tree/s in question; and
  • arborist report confirming the tree is deemed dangerous.

For all other native vegetation clearing works, a Development Application can be lodged. 

If you have any questions regarding trees on Special Residential, Special Rural or Rural zoned properties, please contact the City on 9528 0333.

Please note other approvals may be required to clear native vegetation (including single trees) on private property. Please refer to:


Trees on residential properties

There are no requirements within the City of Rockingham's Town Planning Scheme No. 2 for approvals to remove a tree on residential properties. However, other approvals may be required to clear native vegetation (including single trees) on private property. Please refer to:


Unsafe trees and encroaching tree branches or roots

Issues relating to trees impacting neighbours on private property are a civil matter between adjoining owners and do not generally involve local government.

The Local Government Act 1995 (WA) gives councils the power to take action against property owners in the area whose trees are unsafe to nearby people or property.

Further information regarding trees on private property can be found on the Citizens Advice Bureau website.

Street tree requests

Would you like a street tree planted on your verge or have a particular location you see the need for additional trees? Please let us know as we would love to plant more trees within the City’s street verges. Rally your neighbours and have the whole street planted.

We undertake public request tree planting each winter with requests now open for the 2024 planting program. Available trees for 2024 are listed on the "Preferred Tree/Species" drop down when applying for a street tree.

On receiving your application:

  • a City officer will assess the suitability of your tree request
  • approved applicants will have the tree/s supplied and planted at no cost
  • you are requested to assist in post planting care with watering and general care of the tree until the tree is established.

Applications for the 2024 planting program close on 30 April 2024 with planting to commence in June 2024. Please call 9528 0333 if you would like any further information.

Please note: All trees/species detailed within the "Recommended Public Tree Species - Greening Plan" below may not be available for planting in 2024.

Apply for a street tree

Greening Plan
Greening Plan Logo Greening Plan Logo


We have developed a Greening Plan that endeavours to deliver the following aspiration contained in the City’s Strategic Community Plan: Planning for population growth and guiding development and land use to ensure that future generations enjoy a sustainable city and genuinely desirable lifestyle.


Trees Rockingham Trees Rockingham


To provide a framework for the establishment of a resilient, diverse and expanding urban forest through greening in public open space and streetscapes.

Trees in Hillman Trees in Hillman

Green Goals

The delivery of the Greening Plan is driven  by the following Green Goals:

  • improve the trajectory of the City’s green cover
  • encourage community involvement in urban greening
  • protect and maintain the City’s green assets 
  • plant the right tree in the right place
  • ensure a diverse urban forest.
City worker planting a tree on the street. City worker planting a tree on the street.

Greening Plan Program 2022

Planting for the final stage of the City’s five year Greening Plan 2017 will commence in July 2022.  Identified properties have been mapped and notifications sent to all affected residents and property owners.

To review the 2022 Greening Plan streets mapped within your suburb, please select the link located in the Related documents section below.

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