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mural on a bus shelter

Keep our City looking beautiful, clean and safe by reporting graffiti vandalism.

LitterBusters logo LitterBusters logo

You can report Graffiti on City-owned assets and facilities via our Litterbusters App or by calling 1800 4 LITTER (1800 454 883).

Report graffiti on all other assets and private property online at Goodbye Graffiti. All reports made to Goodbye Graffiti generate a WA Police Graffiti Incident Report number (GIR) and the report is sent to the asset owner to notify them of the damage for removal.

graffiti removal graffiti removal

We have a dedicated graffiti removal team that employ a rapid removal response to managing graffiti vandalism. Rapid graffiti removal is seen as best-practice in graffiti reduction as it lowers the opportunity for graffiti vandals to receive recognition and a sense of reward.

Workers with mural paint Workers with mural paint

Visit Goodbye Graffiti to download information guides on how to design out opportunities for graffiti. You can also access the Designing Out Graffiti booklet that outlines how to apply Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles to reduce the incidence of crime.

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