Kennedy Bay

Kennedy Bay development

Development as part of the Kennedy Bay project is picking up pace and there are a range of changes happening in the area.


Following a range of proposals for the site dating back to 1986, the State Government and Western Australian Beach and Golf Resort Pty Ltd (WABGR) entered a Sale and Development Agreement (SADA) in 2016 to progress development of the Kennedy Bay project.  On 28 June 2017, Parliament introduced the Port Kennedy Development Bill 2017, which repealed the Port Kennedy Development Agreement Act 1992 to allow for the new agreement to come into effect for the site to be developed.

The outcomes of the SADA require the developer to provide for a number of public facilities, including the reconfiguration of the golf course and clubhouse, parking, a new jetty and moorings, and a local centre with retail, tourism accommodation and hospitality options.

Master Precinct Plan

The Master Precinct Plan shows the approved components of the project and the approximate timing of works.

Please note that the Structure Plan is still being considered by the WAPC.  The indicative layout of precincts two and three shown on the Master Plan are subject to change.

Structure Plan

The Kennedy Bay Structure Plan was advertised for public comment in February and March of 2020 and then presented to Council in May 2020. The Council endorsed a submission to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), seeking a range of changes to the advertised Structure Plan to address the City’s technical assessment and address matters raised in submissions received. A copy of this report can be accessed in the May 2020 Council Minutes.

On 27 October 2020 the Statutory Planning Committee (SPC) of the WAPC recommended the Structure Plan be modified prior to final approval and the applicant is still progressing the modifications contained in the WAPC’s decision. 

As part of this decision, the requirement for a primary school site in the area was identified, and this matter is expected to be considered by the WAPC in the coming months. Further plans and details on the advertised Structure Plan can be found in the SPC agenda and minutes for 27 October 2020.

Further enquiries relating to the finalisation of the Structure Plan should be directed to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.

The City will update its website and provide links to the Structure Plan documentation once an approval has been issued by the WAPC.


The general subdivision layout and information on lots can be found on the developer's website for Kennedy Bay.

Design Guidelines, the Coastal Setback Plan, lot plans and the draft Local Development Plan for the first stage of the Kennedy Bay project can also be viewed on the developer's website.

Golf Course Redevelopment

The revised course layout is shown on the Master Plan and includes an approximate timing of works. Further plans and details for the approval issued by the SPC can be found in the SPC agenda and minutes for 9 March 2021.

For any further enquiries, please contact the City’s Planning Services Team on 9528 0333.

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