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The City’s Strategic Community Plan (2023-2033) underwent a major review in 2023.  From late 2022 until early 2023 the City undertook extensive community engagement, where the community shared its vision and aspirations for our City’s future.

The City’s Community Plan Strategies (CPS) support delivery of the aspirations of the Strategic Community Plan while exploring in deeper detail the priorities and opportunities where the City can create positive change for our community.

Community Plan Strategies are developed and reviewed through further engagement with the community and Council, and are endorsed by Council.  Each strategy contains key actions to progress the City towards the vision, aspirations and objectives of the Strategic Community Plan. All actions are budgeted for and delivered through the City’s strategic development framework, including the City's Asset Management Plan, Team Plans and the Corporate Business Plan.

Aspiration 1 - Social: A family-friendly, safe and connected community
Community Plan StrategyStatusFile type
Children and Young People StrategyAdopted 2018PDF 757 KB
Community Safety and Support Services StrategyAdopted 2022PDF 12.8 MB
Cultural Development and the Arts StrategyAdopted 2018PDF 532 KB
Disability Access and Inclusion PlanAdopted 2021PDF 5.6 KB
Health and Wellbeing StrategyAdopted 2018PDF 1.14 MB
Library and Information Services StrategyAdopted 2017PDF 6.7 MB
Reconciliation Action Plan 2021-2023Adopted 2021PDF 1.20 MB
Seniors Strategy 2017-2021Adopted 2017PDF 1.19 MB
Aspiration 2 - Natural Environment: A place of natural beauty where the environment is respected
Community Plan StrategyStatusFile type
Bushfire Risk Mitigation StrategyAdopted 2017PDF 580 KB
City of Rockingham Waste PlanAdopted 2021PDF 2.97 MB
Environmental Protection StrategyAdopted 2023PDF 3.4 MB
Greening PlanAdopted 2017PDF 14.8 MB
Local Planning StrategyIn development  
Natural Area Conservation StrategyAdopted 2017PDF 1.16 MB
Public Open Space StrategyAdopted 2020PDF 16 MB
Rural Land StrategyAdopted 2020 PDF 11.8 MB
Sustainability StrategyAdopted 2020PDF 1.7 MB
Aspiration 3 - Built Environment: A built environment carefully planned for today and tomorrow
Community Plan StrategyStatusFile type
Baldivis Town Centre – Precinct Structure PlanIn development  
Coastal Facilities Strategy Adopted 2021PDF 4.39 MB
Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation PlanAdopted 2019PDF 15.1 MB
Community Infrastructure Plan Adopted 2023PDF 16.8 MB
Environmental Protection StrategyAdopted 2023PDF 3.4 MB
Heritage Strategy Adopted 2020PDF 19.8 MB
Karnup District Structure PlanIn development 
Local Commercial and Activity Centre Strategy Adopted 2022 PDF 4.6 MB
Local Planning Strategy In development  
Rockingham Beach Foreshore Master Plan Explanatory Report Part OneAdopted 2015PDF 12.5 MB
Rockingham Beach Foreshore Master Plan Explanatory Report Part TwoPDF 15.7 MB
Rockingham Foreshore Management PlanAdopted 2016PDF 21.8 MB
Rockingham Strategic Centre – Precinct Structure PlanIn development  
Rockingham Strategic Metropolitan Centre Public ParkingAdopted 2017PDF 2.2 MB
Safety Bay Shoalwater Foreshore Master PlanAdopted 2019PDF 21.5 MB
Strategic Asset Management PlanAdopted 2021PDF 2.84 MB
Strategic Boating Plan 2023-2036Adopted 2023PDF 3 MB
Sustainable Transport PlanIn development  
Aspiration 4 - Economic: A vibrant economy creating opportunities
TitleStatus File type
Economic Development Strategy (including the ‘Small Business Friendly Approval Program’)Adopted 2020PDF 2.3 MB
Local Commercial and Activity Centre Strategy Adopted 2022PDF 4.6 MB
Rockingham Strategic Centre - Precinct Structure Plan In development  
Tourist Destination StrategyAdopted 2019PDF 4.3 MB
Aspiration 5 - Leadership: Transparent and accountable leadership and governance
Informing DocumentStatusFile type
Advocacy Plan 2021 PDF 12.3 MB
Ten-year Business PlanUpdated bi-annuallyInternal weblink 

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