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Annual reports and registers

Register of gifts

Councillors and the Chief Executive Officer are required to disclose gifts which are valued over $300 or are two or more gifts with a cumulative value of $300 (where the gifts are received from the same donor in a 12-month period) within 10 days of receipt. (Sections 5.87A and 5.87B of the Local Government Act 1995.)

As per section 5.89(A)(5) of the Local Government Act 1995, the Chief Executive Officer is to record and publish the Register of Gifts disclosed under sections 5.87A and 5.87B. 

This register contains disclosures of gifts worth more than $300 made by a relevant person, which includes designated people and Councillors. It also contains disclosures of contributions to travel made by a relevant person. For more information about gifts and contributions to travel, visit the Department of Local Government, Sporting and Cultural Industries website.

Register of certain complaints of minor breaches

As per section 5.121(3) of the Local Government Act 1995, the Chief Executive Officer is to publish an up-to-date version of the register of complaints on the local government’s official website. This register records all complaints that result in a finding under section 5.110(2)(a) that a minor breach occurred. 

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