Prohibited Burning Period Extended

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has further extended the Prohibited Burning Period to Sunday 28 April 2024. No Permits to Burn will be issued during this time. All enquiries to 9528 0333.

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Resolving disputes

Lodging a complaint

Our Health Services play a significant role in protecting public health and safety, and as part of that role investigates various complaints relating to such matters as noise, environmental pollution and food.

In order to lodge a complaint you must complete a complaint form (see below) or alternatively put your complaint in writing to the City.

Before involving us or any other public authority, we recommend the following:

  1. Approach your neighbour, or person with whom you have a grievance, in a polite and respectful manner. Remember some people become defensive when approached, which is why it is essential when initially approaching a person to discuss the matter politely and without argument.
  2. Explain why the problem is created, and ask the person for their assistance in resolving the matter. You may find it useful to show the person how you are being aggrieved, for example if it is noise related, ask them to listen to the noise, from where you can hear it.
  3. Allow the person time to make changes to the way in which they do things.
  4. If the person was receptive to your concerns, however, the problem has not been resolved, approach them again, as they may think that they have resolved it. Allow them time to change their actions.
  5. If the problem hasn't been resolved, you may approach the City, your local police station, or the Citizens Advice Bureau's mediation services (see below).

Please note: The City cannot resolve all complaints, as in some circumstances your complaint may not fall under our jurisdiction.

What to expect once a complaint is lodged

Our complaints procedure aims to:

  • be timely
  • keep you informed of your complaint's progress
  • be comprehensive, fair and unbiased
  • be confidential.

Our Health Services investigate matters of public health significance such as noise or pollution complaints, and acts in accordance with the Health Act 1911 (WA).

Mediation services

If you complaint has not been resolved, you may approach the Citizens Advice Bureau:

25 Barrack Street
Telephone: 9221 5711
Facsimile: 9221 5356

Citizens Advice Bureau

25 Barrack Street
Perth WA 6000
What is mediation?

Mediation is where a neutral third party assists two or more people in dispute to identify concerns and investigate options with the aim of reaching an agreement. The mediator will not take sides or make decisions for you.

What are the benefits of mediation as opposed to litigation?

Mediation is less time consuming and less expensive than litigation. The outcomes are controlled by the people in the dispute so there is only agreement reached when you are satisfied with an outcome. Mediation also assists in future communication between the people involved, so it is helpful in improving future relations.

What sorts of disputes can be mediated?

Any dispute can go to mediation provided both people want to resolve the dispute. You can choose mediation at any stage in the dispute, including when you have undertaken court proceedings. Mediation is useful in:

  • neighbourhood disputes
  • property settlements
  • child access issues
  • interfamily conflict
  • conflicts in workplaces.

The Citizens Advice Bureau's mediation service can assist you if you would like more information.

What happens if we cannot reach agreement in mediation?

If you cannot reach agreement in mediation, depending on the matter, you can seek legal advice and undertake court proceedings to have the dispute resolved legally.

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