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Seniors are an important part of the City of Rockingham community and make up 16% (more than 21,000 people) of the population. Over the next 20 years this number will nearly double to over 40,000 people, representing 21% of the population.

See below for what the City has delivered previously as part of our Seniors Strategies.

Seniors events and programs

We host a range of programs and projects for seniors. See below for examples.

Seniors Week

WA Seniors Week 2024 is Sunday 10 November – Sunday 17 November. This annual event encourages people of all ages to celebrate the contributions of older people to the Western Australian community.

Stay tuned for events being held in the City of Rockingham.

Seniors' Insights

What is ageism?

Ageism is the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against people on the basis of their age. It is widespread and an everyday challenge for many, and has harmful effects on the health of older adults. Ageism is everywhere, yet is the most socially normalised of any prejudice and, sadly, is not widely challenged like racism and sexism.

Seniors’ Insights

Seniors’ Insights formed part of the City’s Let’s Take a Stand Against Ageism campaign, which aims to raise awareness of what ageism is and the negative effect it has on older people. 

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways that we can tackle ageism in Australia – EveryAGE Counts.

Seniors around a table at a cafeFor Seniors’ Insights, City of Rockingham seniors were invited and encouraged to share insights and positive accounts of what life is like as an older person, and for those who may have experienced ageism, to share the true and harsh reality of the negative impact and experiences that ageism cause.

Submissions received were exhibited at the Rockingham Central Libray between Saturday 31 October and Friday 13 November 2020. The community exhibition included a mixture and balance of accounts about the negative impact of ageism, and positive accounts of life as an older person, as told by older people themselves.

It also included stickers for community members to write short positive messages about an older person they respect, which was included in the display as an interactive component. Also included in the exhibition were a number of artefacts and memorabilia from a bygone era.

Submitted stories can be viewed below.

Seniors oral stories

What are the cherished memories that have shaped you? Five local seniors have drawn incredible reflections together and in doing so have shed light on common connections we each have to places, people and communities.

Cal Swann, Anita Black, Pamela Rudling, Lorraine Smith and Klaus Michler each draw from the wealth of their individual experiences to breathe life into moments of time and celebrate the diversity of human endeavour.


Seniors oral stories - Klaus Michler

Hear Klaus' story.


Seniors oral stories - Lorraine Smith

Hear Lorraine's story.


Seniors oral stories - Pamela Rudling

Hear Pamela's story.


Seniors oral stories - Anita Black

Hear Anita's story.


Seniors oral stories - Cal Swann

Hear Cal's story.

What does being old mean to you?

When asked this question, we all reveal very different answers. In a society where, sadly, ageism and stereotyping associated with growing old still exist, we asked a range of community members for their thoughts on this question to get a conversation started around ageing. View the film clip below where participants revealed their answers to the question "What does being old mean to you?".


Changing the way we think about ageing.

We asked the question 'What does being old mean to you?'

Memories, An Anthology

Person turning the pages of a notepadWe hosted a series of eight memory writing workshops for seniors between October and December 2018. Facilitated by Rockingham Writers Centre, participants learnt new skills and knowledge that equipped them to reminisce and write parts of their life stories and memories.

Rockingham Writers Centre produced a 110-page anthology of participants’ short written pieces. Copies of the beautifully produced book are available at the City’s and State libraries. An electronic version of the book can also available.

 Read Memories, An Anthologyopens in a new windowopens in a new window

Seniors Social and Wellbeing Program

Seniors exercising as part of the social and wellbeing programSeniors are invited to participate in the Seniors Social and Wellbeing Program held in Baldivis, Secret Harbour and Golden Bay. This program, facilitated by experienced Aqua Jetty trainers, provides an opportunity for seniors to engage in weekly physical and social activities in a friendly group setting at:

Baldivis Indoor Sports Complex, Eighty Road,  Baldivis:

  • Mondays 9am–10.30am and Wednesdays 9.30am–10.30am

Coastal Community Centre, Tangadee Road, Golden Bay:

  • Mondays 9am–10.30am and Fridays 9am–10am

Secret Harbour Community Centre, Oasis Drive, Secret Harbour:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-10.30am

Refreshments will be available. Help us be more sustainable by bringing your own cup. If you are unwell, we kindly ask that you stay home.

Sessions do not operate on public holidays. 

For more information, please contact the Aqua Jetty on 9591 0888 or email

Aqua Jetty Livewell Membership

The Aqua Jetty is one of the City's and Western Australia's premier aquatic and health facilities. Aqua Jetty member in the pool

The Livewell membership is for people over the age of 50. Find out more information about the Aqua Jetty and the Livewell membership.

Selfie with a Senior 2018 competition

Kelly Powell's Winning SelfieKelly Powell was the lucky winner of $500 for the selfie and description she submitted for the Selfie with a Senior competition. Her entry was a great example of honouring seniors and breaking down the stigma and stereotyping of older people.

Kelly wrote:
"I work for Coastal District Care Centre Emergency Relief. Most of our volunteers are seniors. They have taught me so many valuable lessons about life, friendship, love and acceptance. They buoy up our clients with caring, compassion and laughter and ask for nothing in return. I took this photo of three of our volunteers and myself to show the friendships and love that are created despite age differences and breakdown the stigma and stereotypes of old age. These people aren’t old, they’re the perfect example of vintage… better and valuable as they age."

Thank you to everyone else who also submitted their selfies and descriptions. It was a wonderful reflection on the deep respect and love out there for older people.

Seniors: the heart and memory of the community

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