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The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for determining applications for freehold and survey strata subdivisions. The WAPC establish minimum standards for subdivision that are based on overarching planning strategies which are then translated into the following policies to guide land use, subdivision and development.

The capacity to subdivide residential land is based on the zoning and size of the land. Most residential land within the City has been assigned a residential design code, known as its 'R-Code'. The R-Code of your land specifies the minimum and average lot size requirements relating to subdivision and grouped dwelling development.

For Residential zoned land, refer to the residential design codes.

For Rural zone land, refer to: Development Control Policy 3.4 - Subdivision of Rural Land.

Our role in the subdivision process is to provide advice and recommendations to the WAPC on subdivision applications, based on compliance with the Town Planning Scheme and City policy.

Town Planning Scheme No.2 - scheme text and scheme maps


City planning policies


Types of subdivision

There are two basic types of subdivision:

Freehold Subdivision ('Green Title')

Properties (or lots) that are created independently of each other are a 'freehold' lot. There are also known as a 'green title lot'. Freehold land is different to strata lot, which is explained below.

Strata Title Subdivision

Strata Titles often apply to 'Grouped Dwellings' but can also apply to 'Multiple Dwellings' on the same 'freehold' lot. Strata Title lots are subject to a Strata Scheme or Survey Strata Plan. Strata Titles may include common property such as driveway or other communal areas.

Subdivision application process

Subdivision applications are made direct to the WAPC, (except for 'Built Strata' applications for five or less dwellings), and are then referred by the WAPC to Council and other 'referral agencies' for comment.

Built Strata applications for five or less dwellings (where the dwellings are already constructed) are made direct to the City - i.e. Form 7 under the Strata Titles Act.

Details on the subdivision application process can be found as follows:

Subdivision application form and fees can be found as follows:

Engineering and landscape specifications

Information on engineering and landscape requirements is provided below:


Subdivision enquiries should be directed to our Planning Services team prior to lodging an application for subdivision on 9528 0333 or by appointment at our Administration Centre between the hours of 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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