Attracting iconic events

Horses racing at Rockingham Beach Cup

A great place to visit

With a variety of safe and high quality beaches and natural assets, Rockingham is a haven for visitors looking for a great destination - whether it be relaxation, recreation or adventure.

Home of Australia's most unique racing experience, the Rockingham Beach Cup is one of many signature events bringing visitors to Rockingham each year - hosted on our truly stunning foreshore.

The City seeks interest from event organisers for iconic events to take place at our fantastic locations.

Iconic Event Sponsorship funding

A key action included in the City’s Economic Development Strategy 2020 - 2025 is the allocation of annual dedicated funding for iconic events which promote economic development and tourism development outcomes.

What is an iconic event?

An iconic event is one that generates significant economic benefits and destination awareness to the Rockingham region. An iconic event may be an annual or recurring event, or even a one-off feature event.

Iconic events provide participants with experiences that support the tourism brand “Rediscover Rockingham: where the coast comes to life”. They provide opportunities to market the destination outside the Rockingham region by generating awareness and gaining media coverage.

An iconic event should generate significant economic impact for the local economy, and increased rates of visitation during the event from people outside the Rockingham Local Government Area.

Impact to our local economy

Iconic events deliver significant economic impact for the Rockingham region through events-based visitation and associated visitor spend, quantified by:

  • expected number of visitors from outside of the Rockingham region who will travel specifically to attend the event
  • the estimated daily visitor spend while in Rockingham
  • length of stay in overnight accommodation
  • opportunities for local business to leverage the event
  • ability to support destination marketing outcomes and generate awareness.

For more information on iconic events or the Iconic Events Sponsorship funding in the City of Rockingham, please contact the Economic Development team on (08) 9528 0333 or email

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