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The LitterBusters strive to enhance the cleanliness and general appearance of the City, reduce the impact of litter on our environment, monitor illegal dumping and litter hot spots, as well as generally maintaining paths, boardwalks and other areas.

You can report litter or illegal dumping via the mobile app or by calling 1800 4 LITTER (1800 454 883).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Learn about the LitterBusters roles and responsibilities. 

    When do the LitterBusters operate?

    LitterBusters operates seven days a week between 8am and 4pm. During the busy summer months they may work extra hours to keep the City beautiful. The response time is within 24 hours of receiving the report.

    What is LitterBusters responsible for?

    LitterBusters is responsible for removing any form of litter or illegal dumping on City property that is reported. The team also has general work duties that involve amenity improvement and pressure cleaning.

    What is LitterBusters not responsible for?

    LitterBusters is not responsible for graffiti, vandalism or structural damage to City property and any form of litter, illegal dumping and graffiti on private property including public utilities.

    What is the response time?

    The LitterBusters aim to respond within 24 hours for the majority of litter types reported.

    Will it cost anything to use this service?

    No, the LitterBusters is a service provided by the City of Rockingham to improve amenity in the City.

    Can I report newspapers I don't want delivered to Litterbusters?

    The lawful delivery of newspapers does not constitute littering. Please contact the relevant distribution service directly if you wish to discuss opting out of the delivery.

  • Find out how to use our mobile app.

    How can I download the LitterBusters App?

    To download the LitterBusters App:

    • Open the app store on your device
    • Search "City of Rockingham LitterBusters"
    • Hit install (it's free!)
    • Open the app and start reporting

    Please note that the LitterBusters App is currently available for iOS devices only. We are working on having the app available for Android devices.

    What do I do if the app won’t let me choose or take a picture?

    Check that you have allowed the LitterBusters App access to your camera.

  • Find out how to report graffiti within the City.

    Who do I contact about graffiti on City property?

    You can report graffiti vandalism on City property by calling 9528 0333.

    Who do I contact about graffiti on all other assets and private property?

    Please see our graffiti page for information on reporting graffiti on public utilities and private property.

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