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What is Grow It Local?

Grow It Local is a community initiative to encourage more people to grow, share and eat locally grown foods. The City of Rockingham is one of the first local governments to proudly support the initiative and we are encouraging local growers to "put their patch on the map" on the Grow It Local websiteopens in a new window.

Register your patch, outline what’s growing and highlight whether you’re interested in connecting with other local growers to share or sell your produce, knowledge, space or skills. Likewise, aspiring growers can log on, see what’s growing locally, connect with experts and get inspired.  

Want to learn more about Grow It Local in Rockingham? Call us on 9528 0333opens in a new window or email for more information. If you would like to know more about upcoming workshops please see below or check out the City's What's On page

Grow It Local - Seed Service 

In partnership with Grow It Local, we are excited to announce the launch of the Grow It Local Seed Service Autumn 2024 edition.

This instalment in the Grow It Local Seed Service is a Rainbow Coleslaw. 

New members can register for free and receive free scarlet nantes carrots, chioggia beetroot and purple kohlrabi seeds. By registering you’ll also receive access to instructional videos for each stage in the patch-to-plate journey. You’ll learn about each of the plant's origins, their nutritional value, seed sowing tips, get nurturing advice, harvesting recommendations and be talked through the primavera recipe too. 

As a Seed Service participant, you can also access Grow It Local’s ‘Growing Guru’ to get free horticultural support and advice to overcome any challenges in your patch.

The Autumn Seed Service is free and available to the first 100 local City of Rockingham residents, businesses, schools and community organisations who register.

This offer is open to new and aspiring growers and people not already registered with Grow It Local 

Register for the Seed Service

Frequently asked questions about Grow It Local

Who is it for?

Grow It Local is for everyone! The program encourages the whole community to get involved. It’s for green thumbs and food growers, sustainability enthusiasts, new and small-scale gardeners, local businesses, schools, community gardens and local groups to connect, share skills, produce, space and more.

Why get involved?

There are many reasons to get involved in Grow It Local.

  • See who and what’s growing locally.
  • Connect with local growers and food lovers.
  • Host or attend workshops and events.
  • Share produce, seeds and seedlings.
  • List unused space for growing.
  • Help inspire the next generation of growers.
How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy!

Simply head to the Grow It Local websiteopens in a new window and "put your patch on the map".

Once you are signed up you can see who and what is growing locally, connect with local growers and food lovers, explore opportunities to join a local community garden or simply get some great tips about growing food locally.

When you are on the website simply click on 'search' then explore the drop down categories to find local produce and foods, experiences and workshops, seeds and seedlings and products and services.

No patch? No worries!

Start by checking out the Grow It Local Facebookopens in a new window page where there are plenty of great ideas and videos to get you inspired. The Grow It Local team has put together a series of videos to inspire and share knowledge so keep an eye out on their Facebook page for upcoming live online events.

If you are a local community group and want to be involved, we would love to hear from you.  Please call us on 9528 0333 or email for more information.

What does it cost?

Thanks to the support of the City of Rockingham, the program is free for residents to sign up and participate in. We will be running workshops throughout the year which will be free of charge.

Grow It Local members may choose to charge a fee for their skill or knowledge sharing services, produce or homemade products.

Why is the City involved?

Grow It Local is one of a number of City initiatives designed to encourage positive sustainable living behaviours and food systems, facilitate community building, and support waste education and organic waste diversion from landfill. We will be working closely with local community stakeholders to ensure the Grow It Local program is meeting the expectations of the community.

Local community gardens

Baldivis Community Garden

The Baldivis Community Garden (BCG) is located at 4 Amberley Drive, Baldivis. The BCG is a not-for-profit incorporation run by a group of passionate volunteers. It is a communal space for people to garden, volunteer, rent a plot, socialise, slow down, learn new skills and take home fresh, organic produce to feed our families. The BCG is open every Friday 8.30am-10.30am and every second Sunday of the month.

 Baldivis Garden Volunteers

To become a part of this growing initiative, go along during the garden open hours, on a Friday by appointment or attend one of their monthly workshops. Membership enquires and coming events can be found on the BCG websiteopens in a new window. If you are interested in renting a plot or becoming a member, email baldiviscommunitygarden6171@gmail.comopens in a new window. You can also register your interest and go on a waiting list for a garden bed when the garden extends its land in the near future. Check out the garden's Facebook pageopens in a new window for more information or see the Baldivis Community Garden Brochure below.

Naragebup-Rockingham Regional Environmental Centre Community Garden

Naragebup, also known as the Rockingham Environmental Centre, is a non-profit community organisation run by volunteers. Built by the community for the community as an education and resource centre, Naragebup has a community garden on site. Check out Naragebup's Facebook pageopens in a new window or the Naragebup websiteopens in a new window for more information. If you would like to know more please call 9591 3077 or email

Naragebup Community Garden

Rockingham City Community Garden

The Rockingham City Community Garden is located along Unnaro St, Hillman behind the Hillman Hall. You can contact the garden on 0435 090 282 or email or check out their Facebook page. opens in a new window

Rockingham City Community Garden

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