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Waste education tours

**In accordance with the latest restrictions from the Australian Government and State Government, the waste education program has been suspended until further notice.**

Schools and community groups within the City of Rockingham are able to visit the Millar Road Landfill Facility to learn practical information about what happens to waste, green waste and recycling, and its effects on the environment. This tour helps people to place waste into the correct bin and look at consumption habits. The Ken James Waste Education Centre allows for a safe and flexible learning environment.

All tours are subject to availability and bookings are essential. The program is free of charge and includes return bus transport (within the City).

For more information please contact 9528 0333 or email customer@rockingham.wa.gov.au.

Or if your group is ready to book an excursion, please read the guidelines and tour booking form.

Bin Tagging Program

The Bin Tagging program originated in South Australia and saw a 60% reduction in contamination of the recycling bin. Supported by the Waste Authority, the program is now run across the WA metropolitan area in most local government areas.

The Bin Tagging program provides direct feedback to properties with a visual inspection of each bin resulting in either a sad face or a smiley face tag being placed on the bin. 

Previously, the program has raised issues with:

  • Bagging recyclables with plastic bags. Recyclables need to be loosely placed into the recycling bin in order for them to be separated into categories at the Material Recovery Facility. Bagged recyclables are not opened due to health and safety, and will be landfilled.
  • Textiles (rags, clothing, towels etc) being placed into the yellow lidded bin. These are a problem for the machinery at the Material Recovery Facility. Clothing can be donated to charities.

The next round of Bin Tagging is in 2020.

WasteSorted Schools Program

The WasteSorted Schools program is run through the Waste Authority, and offers WA schools the opportunity to develop smarter waste practices through the “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” principle. The program is free to Western Australian schools and provides great support and resources to teachers with activities linked to the WA Curriculum. Schools also have the opportunity to apply for grants towards their waste wise activities.

For further information please visit the WasteSorted Schools website.


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