Warnbro Sound Avenue/Bancoura Parkway Roundabout

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Project summary

Warnbro Sound Avenue and Bancoura Parkway roundabout modifications.

As the City's population grows, we need to continually monitor, evaluate and upgrade our roads and infrastructure to ensure we continue to meet this growing demand.

In line with our Road Safety Action Plan, we have identified the Warnbro Sound Avenue, Bancoura Parkway and Blue Stone Parkway roundabout as an area that requires important upgrades to increase road safety for both motorists and pedestrians.

The proposed upgrade includes the installation of road curves, known as pre-deflection on the northbound approach. This treatment will slow down traffic before entering the roundabout and facilitate safer movement through the roundabout. An example of the intended pre-deflection is illustrated on the following page and works are anticipated to start in 2025.

We appreciate that the proposed works may cause some disruption but these upgrades are necessary to improve road safety in our community. 

These upgrades are shown in the plan below.

Share your thoughts

We value the community’s input into shaping a safe and sustainable future for our City and invite you to share your thoughts on these proposed upgrades by Friday 1 March 2024. Submit your feedback:

What is the purpose of the pre-deflection? What does it look like?

Warnbro Sound Avenue and Bancoura Parkway roundabout is in the vicinity of Comet Bay College and TS Comet – An Australian Navy Cadet Training Ship. There are many students/cadets crossing Warnbro Sound Ave daily.  The pre-deflection will slow down the traffic thereby creating a safer environment, not only for these students and cadets but for all pedestrians and cyclists as well. 

An example of the pre-deflection is shown below.

Will the existing street lighting be sufficient at the pre deflection?

The City will investigate the existing street lighting and will upgrade them to Western Power standards, if required.


Warnbro Sound Ave
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