Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park

AddressAcrasia Road, Baldivis
Venue type/s
  • Reserves and Parks

Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park is located at the southern end of Barri Barri Park, Baldivis. ​Parking is available near the entry gates on the Acrasia Road side of the reserve.

Facilities and amenities

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  • Seating
  • Shelters


Located within Barri Barri Park, Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park includes two separate spaces - one for small dogs and one for all dogs. It has various activity zones to minimise high-speed free running and encourage interaction, dog drinking fountains, seating, and a 1.8m high boundary fence with a 1.5m solid, internal dividing fence.

Please see Pet recreation for further information regarding the park.


Acrasia Road, Baldivis

Facilities/amenities available

  • Total fenced area of approximately 3000m2
  • “All dog” and “small dog” enclosures separated by a solid fence
  • Dual-gated entrance, with full separation between the entry to each enclosure
  • Shelters and water fountains in each enclosure, connected closely to the entry points by a path network
  • Shade trees, sand areas and seating in each enclosure
  • Nature-based agility nodes including equipment such as recycled logs and stumps, and limestone boulders
  • Bin at entry
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