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Creative Writing Competition 2021

Creative Writing Competition 2021

About the Competition

Creative writers were invited to submit one piece of short fiction or poetry in our Creative Writing Competition under the theme 'Metamorphosis' - the process of transformation or growth. A change in nature of a thing or person into a completely different one. Entries closed 4pm Friday 27 August.

All entries were judged by a panel of professional writers and publishers. You can read the Judges' Report below - the Report was created in response to the entries received in the 2021 Competition.

Thank you to everyone that entered.

Award categories

Serenity Press Open AwardAges 18+Lifetime membership to the Everything Publishing Academy and a one-on-one session with the Serenity Press team valued at $2,490. Two books from Fremantle Press published authors. Cash prize of $500.
Youth AwardAges 12-17Mentorship package with published author Holden Sheppard valued at $540. Two books from Fremantle Press published authors. Cash prize of $300.
Local Resident AwardCity of Rockingham resident. Must be able to provide proof of residency if selected as a winner.One-on-one meeting with Hague Publishing principal publisher valued at $140 to discuss your writing and the publishing industry with an additional cash component of $100. Cash prize of $400.
Emerging Writer AwardA writer who has not yet had a story published. This does not include self-published authors.Mentorship program with Underground Writers valued at $350. Two books from Fremantle Press published authors. Cash prize of $500.
Readers' Choice AwardThe piece of short fiction or poetry that receives the most votes from the public. Voting closed Tuesday 26 October.QBD Books $100 voucher.



Congratulations to our 2021 Award recipients and those who were Highly Commended.

Read their entries

AwardName and Title
Serenity Press Open AwardChloe Hosking, Unghosted
Youth AwardJason Vettoor, Wipeout
Local Resident AwardRosanne Dingli, Young Franz
Emerging Writer AwardNadia Heisler Walpole, How to Write Your Own Eulogy
Reader's Choice AwardNadia Heisler Walpole, How to Write Your Own Eulogy

Highly Commended:

  • Anya Cally, Undefined
  • Esther Kipchumba, Andy
  • Sam Cecins, Flavourless
  • David Firby, Rainy Daze
  • Shannon Meyerkort, Anti-metamorphosis
  • Nicki Blake, Children of the Mountain

Award recipients, sponsors and special guests at the Creative Writing Anthology Launch


Thank you to our sponsors Serenity Press, Fremantle PressUnderground Writers and Hague Publishing.

Our major sponsor, Serenity Press, is a traditional publishing house with offices based in Rockingham. They are a growing independent publishing company with heartfelt passion and a burning desire to create beautiful books. 

Serenity Press endeavours to share inspirational stories from the literary folklore-fairy tale genre, bringing readers authors who write from the heart, and books which inspire, empower, awaken and inform. Their aim is to keep traditional stories and storytelling alive through their Duchess Serenity Collection, Folklore collections and Children's books. 

Their authors include Sarah, Duchess of York, Kate Forsyth, Juliet Marillier, Monique Mulligan, Teena Raffa-Mulligan and many more amazing authors.

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