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Cash for Containers at 2019 International Food Festival


The City of Rockingham is pleased to announce that a special ‘Cash for Containers’ stall will be available at the City’s International Food Festival on Friday 15 March 2019.

The stall, which will be open from 5pm–7pm during the event, will be operating to help promote the State Government’s container deposit scheme that is set to be introduced in Western Australia in early 2020.

A container deposit scheme allows consumers to take empty beverage containers covered by the scheme to a refund point, to receive a refund of 10 cents. Similar schemes have previously been set up in other Australian states and offer a number of benefits to the community including reduced litter, improved recycling streams and new revenue opportunities.  

The stall operating at the International Food Festival will be accepting the following items:

  • aluminium beverage containers (e.g. beer or soft drink)
  • glass or plastic bottles (e.g. beer/cider/pre-mix and water bottles)
  • flavoured milk cartons (e.g. choc chill)
  • containers (can be 150ml–3 litres) 

Plain milk cartons and spirit bottles are not covered by the scheme and will not be accepted on the night. Broken glass will also not be accepted due to occupational health and safety risks.

A maximum of 200 containers per group/family will be accepted to allow as many people as possible to take part in the scheme. Containers must be clean and empty.

To make a deposit at the stall, look out for the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) banners.

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