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Storm Safety

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Preparing for storms

Storms can cause widespread damage, however there are basic steps residents can take to reduce the risk and extent of damage to their own homes.

The steps, which are promoted in the state-wide Storm Safe Campaign, include:

  • inspecting your roof and gutters
  • clearing gutters and downpipes
  • trimming branches near your home
  • securing and tidying your yard
  • preparing an emergency kit.

In the lead up to winter the State Emergency Service (SES) encourages residents to do some basic preparation around the home. This preparation can reduce the risk and extent of damage done to homes.

Do your tree branches provide you with much-needed shade over summer?

If you answered yes, then you need to consider what the branches could do during a storm.

Tree branches are a common cause of damage during storms, and if you have tree branches hanging over your house, you need to consider what would happen if these branches came down. Simply trimming tree branches away from your home is just one of many ways you can prepare your home for storms.

The SES recommends you take the time now to prepare, so you don't have to worry about repairs later.


Weather Warnings

Visit the Bureau of Meteorology for up-to-date weather warnings for our area.