Special Electors Meeting - Tuesday 15 March 2022

Date14 March 2022

The meeting will be held at Gary Holland Community Centre, Tuesday 15 March 2022, commencing at 6pm.

Please note: Registration for the meeting will commence at 5pm.

In accordance with section 5.28 of the Local Government Act 1995 the City has received a request by more than 100 electors to discuss the effects of vaccine mandates.


Gary Holland Community Centre

The matters to be discussed as requested by electors are:

  1. The effect of mandatory vaccination on electors, ratepayers, residents, and business in the district;
  2. The effect of mandatory vaccination on the local government’s affairs and the performance of the local government’s functions;
  3. Motions to be voted on for an advocacy position against mandatory vaccination for the Council to consider adopting to provide leadership and guidance to the community in the district.

This meeting is open to electors of the City of Rockingham District and will be subject to any COVID-19 requirements or protocols. 

To vote at a Special Electors Meeting, you must be an elector of the City of Rockingham.

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