Playground Replacement Program

  • Infrastructure projects
  • Planning and design

Project summary

We will be removing and replacing play equipment in various locations across the City.

Our Playground Replacement Program aims to continuously improve public open space across the City and will involve the following reserves:

  • Athens Entrance, Port Kennedy             
  • Bismark Reserve, Shoalwater                 
  • Fountain Park Reserve, Port Kennedy             
  • Hayeswater Reserve, Waikiki                       
  • June Road Reserve, Safety Bay                 
  • Lagoon Reserve, Secret Harbour          
  • Madeira Reserve, Safety Bay                 
  • Phoebe Hymus Reserve, Rockingham              
  • Steel Tree Reserve (west) Baldivis                       

The program will include the removal of old play equipment and rubber softfall, followed by the installation of new play equipment, rubber softfall, and new shade sails in one location. Work is scheduled to start from April to June 2024, subject to weather and contractor availability. 

Safety guidelines

Existing play areas will be impacted from time to time. We ask that residents follow these safety guidelines while work is being done:

  • Do not enter the area of works.
  • Do not approach plant operators for conversation. There are many hazards which place the worker, yourself and others at risk or serious injury.
  • Do not stop the workers from performing their duties as this could result in unnecessary delays and place you at risk.
  • Be aware of you own surroundings and keep dogs on leads at all times.
Reserve Scheduled Work                                                                                                                 
Athens Entrance Playground replacement 
Bismark Reserve Playground replacement 
Fountain Park Reserve Playground replacement
Hayeswater Reserve Playground and rubber replacement 
June Road Reserve Playground replacement 
Lagoon Reserve Playground replacement
Madeira Reserve Playground replacement
Phoebe Hymus Reserve Playground and rubber replacement and new shade sails 
Steel Tree Reserve (west)Playground replacement 



Phoebe Hymus Reserve
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