Australian Sailor Monument

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  • Planning and design

Project summary

A new Australian Sailor Monument will be installed in Naval Memorial Park.


The Australian Sailor Pty Ltd organisation was formed in 2008 with the specific aim to develop a national monument for Australian Sailors. This was to address an identified gap as there were no national monuments to the men and women who served Australia at sea. The organisation raised funds and organised the creation of the Australian Sailor Monument, a bronze 3.6m-high statue. The statue represents a sailor stepping up onto a gangplank, carrying his kitbag.

The Australian Sailor Pty Ltd approached the City of Rockingham to be home to the monument because of Rockingham’s strong maritime history, and continuing connection with the navy. At the 25 July 2023 Council Meeting, Council agreed to the installation of the memorial at Naval Memorial Park.Bronze statue of a navy sailor at a coastal boardwalk location.

Project update

What: Installation of a new memorial – the Australian Sailor Monument.

Where: Naval Memorial Park, Rockingham Beach Road, Rockingham.  The memorial will be located alongside the submarine fin.

When: Construction starts 25 March 2024 and is expected to be completed by the end of June.

Who: The monument is being donated to the City by The Australian Sailor Monument Pty. Ltd.  This organisation has also commissioned the associated works.

Why: The Australian Sailor Monument will commemorate all Australian sailors.  It is particularly focused on celebrating those sailors who have served their country in the navy and during times of war.

Impact: The contractor will occupy the end of the Naval Reserve where the fin and gun turret are currently located. They will be there for the duration of the works. There is not expected to be any significant impact on park users or residents. The car park will remain open, as will the footpath.  There is not expected to be any impact on Rockingham Beach Road.


Rockingham Beach Road, East Rockingham
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