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The City of Rockingham has launched a new, secure online portal to make it quicker and easier for community members and organisations to keep in touch with the City. Called Rock Port, the portal enables residents and ratepayers to connect and engage with the City anywhere, anytime using any PC, tablet or mobile device.

The City is leading the way in local government with Rock Port, a community portal that is fully integrated with the City’s information systems network.

Register now to connect with us anywhere, anytime and create your own profile, then choose what you want to do:

  • Share your thoughts and add your influence by contributing to discussions about our strategies, projects and policies to help shape the direction of our City
  • Pay your rates and access your account summary
  • Tell us how happy you are to live in our beautiful City of Rockingham on the “Happiness Index”
  • Choose to receive information about topics that interest you, such as environmental news, seniors, volunteering, (and get automatic updates as soon as they are available)
  • Participate in surveys
  • Select the electronic publications you’d like to receive by email (such as the City  Chronicle, community plans and strategies,  the annual report and the minutes of Council meetings).

The Happiness Index

A key feature of Rock Port is the Happiness Index. It measures the degree to which an individual would recommend the services or products of a brand to another person. It is the first time that such a tool has been used for local government and provides an innovative way of measuring the community’s level of satisfaction with living in the City.

Title Type Size and Format
Happiness Index Report 2018 Document 256 kb PDF