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Volunteers are one of the most important resources that a community can have. Their generosity contributes towards creating strong communities.

Volunteering is a positive way of connecting people that can then significantly contribute to the cohesiveness and well-being of communities and of societies as a whole. Volunteering essentially provides opportunities for individuals to connect to each other and their community in order to make a difference to the community through their endeavour.

You can read more about how the City supports volunteering in our Volunteering Strategy 2016-2022.

Rockingham Volunteer Centre

The Rockingham Volunteer Centre (RVC) is the hub for volunteering in Rockingham.

Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIOs)

If your organisation or group is looking for volunteers, visit the Rockingham Volunteer Centre page for more details.

Volunteering for the City

The City provides volunteering opportunities for community members to be involved in City events and programs.