AddressRand Avenue, Waikiki
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  • Reserves and Parks
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A family-friendly accessible adventure park and picnic area. Also popular for its disc golf course.

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Fantasy Park has a large accessible playground, a sensory garden and touching panel for the visually impaired, and large stone animal sculptures designed for interactive play.

It is a great park for family picnics and children's birthday parties. The park includes barbecues and picnic tables. Toilet facilities are available with a large parking area also suitable for pick up/set down for buses.

There is an off-leash dog exercise area for dogs that will respond to their owner's commands. Please remember that at all times you are responsible for your dog's actions, either on or off a lead.

Fantasy Park is home to the only disc golf course in Rockingham. Disc golf is played like traditional golf, but instead of using a ball and clubs players use a flying disc (frisbee), with the aim of getting the disc into a basket with the least number of throws possible.


Rand Avenue, Waikiki
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