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New national standards for some food business from 8 December 2023

New national standards for food buinesses.New standards have been introduced nationally by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to improve food safety and prevent foodborne illness in the community. Food businesses that handle unpackaged, potentially hazardous and ready-to-eat foods will need to comply with the new standard requirements by 8 December 2023.

The new requirements will improve food safety through skills, knowledge and supervision. Some food businesses will be required to implement the below food safety management tools. These tools will enable food businesses to manage food safety risks more effectively to help prevent foodborne illnesses and outbreaks, loss of revenue and reputational damage.

  1. Food safety supervisors: You will need to appoint a food safety supervisor for your business.
  2. Food safety training: Your food handlers will need to show they have had food safety training.
  3. Show you are managing key food safety controls: You will need to keep records of important food safety controls or be able to demonstrate safe food handling practices.

To help you to understand what you need to do to meet the new requirements visit theWA Department of Health.


Free food safety training courses

We take food hygiene very seriously and we are assisting food businesses to meet their obligations by providing free access to an online training tool. 

I'm Alert Food Safety

This program reflects the basic food safety principles and is easy to follow. It also includes an entertaining presentation and interactive quizzes. Chinese text and captions are available.

I'm Alert Food Safety training

FoodSafe Online 

The City of Rockingham in conjunction with Environmental Health Australia (EHA) provides a new comprehensive training tool called FoodSafe Online. The course is flexible, in-house training, which covers all aspects of food safety relevant to the hospitality and food service industry to maintain the highest standard in food safety and hygiene. 

On the payment page use the City's unique discount voucher "FSROCKI316" and you will receive FoodSafe Online free of charge. Once completed, a Training Acknowledgement Form can be printed and retained for your staff records.

FoodSafe Online

FoodSafe Training Pack

FoodSafe Training Pack is an in-house training program developed by the Australian Institute of Environmental Health to help businesses meet their food safety requirements by documenting cleaning and pest control, monitoring temperatures of food, and recording and monitoring deliveries. The program has recently upgraded to better reflect current standard and provide a clear guide for food allergens.

The training package contains a video, workbook with questionnaires, and an ongoing proprietor workbook (on USB). For more information or to obtain a FoodSafe Package, please contact us on 9528 0333 or email


Food Safety Newsletter

We publish the Food Safety Newsletter for all local businesses to provide the latest information and helpful tips in safe food handling and food safety practice. We encourage you to have a read and to share the newsletter with all staff members.

If you would like to see any particular topics discussed, please contact us by email on or call 9528 0333 with any feedback or suggestions.

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