Baldivis Road Upgrades

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Project summary

As part of regular monitoring and evaluation of the City’s road network for safety performance and road capacity, Baldivis Road has been identified for upgrading. The upgrade is intended to improve safety for road users and capacity to meet increasing traffic volumes with increasing residential developments in the vicinity.

As the City's population grows, we need to monitor, evaluate and adapt our roads and infrastructure to ensure they continue to meet the growing demand from increased traffic and pedestrians.

As part of the Baldivis Road Needs Study, Baldivis Road has been identified for an upgrade due to increasing traffic volumes from the surrounding residential developments.

We appreciate that the proposed works may cause some disruption but these upgrades are necessary to increase capacity of the City's road network and improve road safety in our community. 

A summary of the proposed Baldivis Road Upgrades include the following:

  • Dual carriageway - single lane each direction with 2.5m wide central raised median
  • A 2.5m dual use path on the western side
  • Upgrading of existing street lighting
What is the rationale behind the road closure for construction during day time, how long will the construction stage be?

Road closure in between Highbury Boulevard and Furioso Green will allow for the completion of the road upgrade in the shortest possible time.  Since this section of Baldivis Road has narrow verges, it is impossible to maintain live traffic during construction.

The intersections of Highbury Boulevard/Baldivis Road and Furioso Green/Baldivis Road will also likely be closed for brief periods to facilitate tie-in between new and existing works only. Information regarding road closures and detours will be provided closer to the works.

The expected construction stage is approximately three to four months.

Will there be detours in place?

It is likely that some road closures will be required resulting in detours. The likely detour route will utilise Palomino Parade, Heritage Park Drive and Furioso Green.

Will there be a roundabout at Baldivis Road and Furioso Green intersection?

The City will not install a roundabout at the intersection with this project.  However, developers of residential developments in the vicinity may construct a roundabout at this intersection in future.

Will there be property access to 868 Baldivis Road during the implementation stage?

Access to and servicing requirements of 868 Baldivis Road will be maintained through traffic management.


Baldivis Road, Highbury Boulevard to Furioso Green
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