Secret Harbour Community Centre

Address4 Oasis Drive, Secret Harbour
Venue type/s
  • Halls, Community Centres and Rooms
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Has a large main hall, two playgroup rooms, a multi-purpose room and small meeting room.

Facilities and amenities

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The facility has a large main hall, a carpeted multi-purpose room, two playgroup rooms and a reception room. There is also a modern kitchen that serves the main hall and a separate kitchen between both playgroup rooms.

The main hall has a capacity of 245, the multi-purpose room has a capacity of 58, and the playgroup rooms have a capacity of 50 in each.

This is the City's most popular facility for fitness activities and social functions. Current user groups include dance, yoga, Pilates, child care, playgroups, textiles, church groups, martial arts, baby/toddler groups.

Through the City's partnership with the Department for Child and Adolescent Health, a Child Health Nurse has an office within the centre and can be contacted on 9524 7723.

16th–21st birthday parties are not permitted at the centre.


4 Oasis Drive, Secret Harbour

Facilities/amenities available

Rectangular trestle tables, chairs, air-conditioning/heating (multi-purpose and playgroup rooms only, main hall has adjustable air vents), large kitchen, external playgrounds for playgroup rooms. Parking for approximately 25 vehicles. The facility is wheelchair accessible.

Types of hire

Regular fees apply to groups who make 10 or more bookings in a financial year.

Off peak times are from 6am–6pm.

Peak times are from 6pm–12am.


  • Any department, agency or instrumentality of the State of Commonwealth or any statutory body;
  • Any company or body corporate other than as association incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1987; or
  • Any individual intending to use the hired facility for profit or gain.


  • Any person or body other than a commercial hirer.

Hire fees

  • RoomCapacityRegular Off PeakRegular PeakCasual Off PeakCasual PeakFunction
    Main hall245$41$49$48$59$59
    Multi-purpose room58$25$30$30$36n/a
    Playgroup room 150$25$30$30$36n/a
    Playgroup room 250$25$30$30$36n/a
    Reception / meeting room4$17$20$21$24n/a

    The above fees are an hourly rate.

  • RoomCapacityRegular Off PeakRegular PeakCasual Off PeakCasual PeakFunction
    Main hall245$29$35$34$41$59
    Multi-purpose room58$18$21$21$25n/a
    Playgroup room 150$18$21$20$25n/a
    Playgroup room 250$18$21$21$25n/a
    Reception / meeting room4$13$15$16$18n/a

    The above fees are an hourly rate.

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