Seahaven Reserve Dog Park

AddressCnr of Charthouse Road and Chalmers Avenue, Waikiki
Venue type/s
  • Reserves and Parks

Seahaven dog park is located on the corner of Charthouse Road and Chalmers Street, Waikiki. Parking is available on the verge on Charthouse Road.

Facilities and amenities

  • Dogs
  • Seating
  • Shelters
  • Accessible


Seahaven dog park located in Waikiki is the third and largest dog park to be completed in Rockingham.  The park offers an enclosed exercise space for all dogs, including a dedicated space of 2000m2 for small dogs.  The park has a variety of agility and play areas including tunnels, climbing ramps and sand play.

Rules for the park:

  •  Keep your dog away if it is aggressive, in heat or not vaccinated.
  •  Maintain effective control and watch over your dog.
  •  Leave food and toys at home; some dogs don't like to share.
  •  Keep children supervised; the agility equipment is designed for dog use only.
  •  Pick up after your dog and place all waste and litter in the bins provided.
  •  Do not use bicycles, skateboards and scooters in the park enclosure.

Please see pet recreation for further information regarding the park.



Cnr of Charthouse Road and Chalmers Avenue, Waikiki

Facilities/amenities available

  • Total fenced area of approximately 5000 m2
  •  "All dog" and "small dog" enclosures separated by a solid fence
  •  Fully accessible dual-gated entrance, with full separation between the entry to each closure
  •  Bins at each entry
  •  Nature-based agility areas including recycled logs
  •  Shade trees and seating
  •  Water fountains
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