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Millar Road Landfill and Recycling Facility

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Millar Road Landfill Facility

Open 7 days, from 7.30am-4pm (except Good Friday and Christmas Day)

Phone: 9528 8550 (phone is manned from 8am to 4.30pm)

The Millar Road Landfill Facility is located at Millar Road West, Baldivis. See map below for directions.

Landfill Entry 

​Residential Customers

​​Residential Customers entering the landfill are required to pay by tip pass, cash or EFTPOS. Some recyclable items are accepted free of charge, see Millar Road Recycling Facility. Enter site via the car lane if using a car, utility, van or trailer.

​Loads in excess of 3 cubic metres are deemed to be commercial and will be charged by weight.

Residential Barcoded Tip Passes

City of Rockingham ratepayers receive tip passes for the facility each year on their rates notice, allowing four free "multi-purpose" entries per household. Each entry pass is for up to 1.5m3 and can be used for either general or green waste.

The Tip Pass Barcode is located on the bottom of the original rates notice in a detachable section. The 2018/2019 barcodes are highlighted in purple. These expire on 31 July 2019.

​​​Lost tip passes can be replaced by contacting Customer Service on 9528 0333. The ratepayer of the property or property manager are authorised to make the request.

​Commercial Customers

​​​Loads in excess of three cubic metre, or heavy vehicle must enter site via the weighbridge. Minimum charge of 500 kg for most waste types. Payment is made in full upon entry by cash, EFTPOS, business cheque or by prearranged accounts. See Landfill Fees below.​

Landfill Fees

Title Type Size and format
Scale of Fees - Millar Rd Landfill (effective 1/7/18) Document PDF 145 kb
Millar Road Landfill Business Plan 2014 Document PDF 898 kb

Millar Road Recycling Facility

Shopping at the Recycling Yard

A number of items, from building materials to bric-a-brac, are available for sale in the recycling yard of the Millar Road Landfill.

Any member of the public is welcome to take a look. Enter site through the weighbridge car lane, and park in the limestone carpark. Items can be paid for by cash only.

Dropping items off at the Recycle Yard

Residential visitors to the landfill are able to drop off certain items free of charge, depending on the type and condition of the material and is at the discretion of landfill staff. All other rubbish may incur a fee.

The following items are accepted free of charge (subject to the acceptance of landfill staff):

  • cardboard - compacted (compactor available on site)
  • polystyrene, excluding seedling drainage squares - compacted (compactor available on site)
  • gas bottles, car batteries and motor oil (max 20 litres)
  • pavers
  • all scrap metal, including fridges, washing machines and microwaves
  • other items accepted at landfill staff discretion.

To assist the City of Rockingham in reducing waste to landfill and increasing recycling, please separate all recycling from general waste loads before coming to the landfill. Recyclables are unloaded first.

Shredded greenwaste

Prunings brought to the green waste area by residents and the verge collections are recycled on-site at the landfill. The shredded green waste (mulch) is available free to the public, however residents are responsible for loading it themselves. Contact the landfill on 9528 8550 to check availability of the shredded green waste (mulch).

​Chemical Waste

Household chemicals and paints can be disposed of through the Hazardous Household Waste program or Paintback paint recycling program available at the Millar Road Landfill. Please see the Hazardous Substances page for more information.

Commercial operators can visit the Contaminated Waste page for information on disposal of this waste at the Millar Road Landfill.