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SmartWatch Service

Community Safety Starts with You. Call 1300 657 123 for SmartWatch

What is Rockingham SmartWatch?SmartWatch car driving the city streets.

Rockingham SmartWatch is the City of Rockingham’s Community Safety Patrol that operates from 12pm to 4am every day.

There are up to six SmartWatch vehicles on the road during SmartWatch's hours of operation, each fitted with four high definition CCTV cameras that combined have a 365° field of view around the vehicle. Footage recorded can be used by police to further investigations, and the vehicles also have the ability to live stream footage to police.

Rockingham SmartWatch has weekly meetings with police, using information passed on, along with resident reports and requests, to target patrols in areas of concern.

In addition to patrolling areas of concern, SmartWatch undertakes the following services:

Holiday Watch

When a resident of the City of Rockingham advises SmartWatch that they will be away from home due to travel or work (more than one night), SmartWatch will patrol the residence to monitor for signs of damage or forced entry. Where a SmartWatch Officer detects damage or a sign of forced entry, they will contact the resident and police as appropriate to arrange a response and make the property safe.

You can book a Holiday Watch for a maximum of three months. Holiday Watches can be booked online here.

Community Patrol Requests

Residents can request SmartWatch to undertake additional patrols of areas they are concerned about. Examples of why a resident may request this may inlcude things like vandalism, graffiti, hooning, anti-social behaviour or suspicious behaviour. If SmartWatch Officers see something unusual or suspicious, they will record the activity and contact police. Generally, an additional patrol will last for around two weeks.

Community Patrol Requests can be logged online here.

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What can Rockingham SmartWatch do and when should I call police?

Rockingham SmartWatch can observe, report and monitor a variety of activities including:

  • Anti-social behaviour,
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Suspicious behaviour and activity
  • Hooning, and
  • Neighbourhood disturbances

You can call SmartWatch if you observe this behaviour during SmartWatch’s hours of operation. Contact SmartWatch by calling 1300 657 123. 

It’s important to remember that Rockingham SmartWatch are not police and they cannot directly intervene in criminal matters or arrest people.

Where there is a crime in progress, or a dangerous situation police should always be called first.
For emergency situations you should dial 000 and for urgent (but non-emergency) police attendance you should call 131 444.

When calling SmartWatch try to have the following information ready for the operator:

  • incident location
  • closest cross street
  • description of what is happening
  • description of people and vehicles involved
  • last direction of travel and
  • how long ago the incident was.

What else does SmartWatch do?

Rockingham SmartWatch also undertakes a variety of other duties that look to support the community. These include:

Patrols of areas at risk of bush fire

Observing for smoke and signs of fire, and contacting emergency services where required to assist.

Reporting of bulk litter dumping to Rangers and LitterBusters

Where SmartWatch observes a bulk litter dump site, it will advise Rangers and LitterBusters so it can be both investigated and removed.

Maintenance reporting

Where a SmartWatch Officer observes damage or a maintenance issue to City property or assets, they will report it and make the relevant department aware of required repairs.

First response emergency traffic management

Rockingham SmartWatch is able to assist in the early stages of a natural emergency (such as a bush fire) by providing traffic management services. It will assist local fire services to close down roads and redirect traffic until police arrive.

Community engagement

SmartWatch will attend a variety of community gatherings and events to talk about the service, and talk about strategies that residents can take to make themselves feel safer in their own homes. 

Useful Contact Numbers

Contact Phone Number
Rockingham SmartWatch 1300 657 123
City of Rockingham (including Rangers) 9528 0333
Emergency 000
Non-Emergency Police Assistance 131 444
Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000
Victim Support Services 9527 7699
Goodbye Graffiti 1800 442 255
State Emergency Service (SES) 132 500
LitterBusters 1800 454 883
Department Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)
(for emergency information)
13 3337
Rockingham Sea Rescue 9527 9988
Rockingham Connect (Community Transport) 9528 8562
Crisis Care 1800 199 008
Lifeline 13 14 14
Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800