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Golden Bay Dunes


Earthworks for Housing

What is going on at Golden Bay dunes?
Earthworks have commenced on Stage 5A of the PEET and Co/Department of Housing subdivision in Golden Bay. The subdivision will comprise 88 residential lots over approximately 7.3 hectares
The land is zoned for residential development. Future stages include the retention of a Landscape Protection Area which was subject to Ministerial approval, and will look to preserve the central dune and maintain an elevated landform.

When was it approved?
The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) granted conditional subdivision approval for Stage 5A in June 2017. The subdivision forms part of the amended Structure Plan adopted by the Western Australian Planning Commission in 2012.

However, the process goes back much further than that.

• In 1981 the land was zoned Urban Deferred by a Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment, administered by what was then known as the State Planning Commission.

• In 1992 an amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme was the subject of a Public Environmental Review (PER) in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1986. The PER was publicly available for comment in May 1992 and is still available here:

• Also in 1992 the Environmental Protection Authority issued Bulletin 648 (Sept 1992) to the Minister for the Environment. A copy is available here:  EPA Bulletin 648

• In 1993, the Minister for the Environment issued a statement that the lifting of the Urban Deferment proposal may be implemented. A copy is available here:

• In 1993 following the Minister’s decision, the Urban Deferment was lifted under the Metropolitan Region Scheme.

• A condition of the Minister for the Environment’s approval was the identification of a Landscape Protection Area to preserve the central dune and maintain an elevated landform.

• In 1994 the City’s Town Planning Scheme No.1 zoned the land for housing. 

• In 1994 the former Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) was adopted by the then State Planning Commission.

Did the City approve this development?

• The City did not approve this development.  In 2011 Council considered extensive public submissions.  Council did not support the proposed density of the current development, nor the integration of the development with Golden Bay and Secret Harbour. Accordingly, Council refused to adopt the proposed Golden Bay Structure Plan six years ago.

• Nonetheless, in 2012 the Golden Bay Structure Plan was adopted by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).

• In June 2017 the WAPC granted Subdivision Approval for Stage 5A – 88 lots.

A Southern Brown Bandicoot translocation and monitoring program is being undertaken for each stage of development before vegetation clearing from Lot 2, Warnbro Sound Ave and Lot 3, Dampier Drive, as required under Ministerial Statement 297. The program is undertaken in consultation with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and compliance reports are provided to the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority.

The approved Subdivision Plan from the Western Australian Planning Commission is shown below. More earthworks for housing will follow Stage 5A.

Stage 5A


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