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Safety Bay Shoalwater Pump Track


The current project to build a pump track in the Safety Bay Shoalwater area arose directly from requests by local residents, and is supported by Council.  The need for outdoor recreational facilities for older children was identified as currently lacking within the area.  The preferred facility is a pump track. Research into potential locations was then conducted, and the need was supported. We have now identified two reserves, June Road Reserve in Safety Bay and Apex Reserve in Shoalwater as the possible location for this facility. 


Council has decided to build a pump track in Safety Bay or Shoalwater in 2023/2024.  A pump track is designed for bike riders to move around with minimal peddling and to practice bike handling skills on a series of features. 

Developing a pump track helps to:

  1. meet the need for recreation facilities for older children
  2. promote physical activity and so improve health and wellbeing
  3. promote the space as family friendly and intergenerational, and
  4. improve passive surveillance through activating less utilised open spaces.


A pump track will also help the City to deliver community outcomes expressed in the Strategic Community Plan 2023 - 2033 such as:

  1. community health and wellbeing
  2. sustainable natural green spaces, and
  3. plan for sustainable growth.

Council specified the pump track be built in either June Road Reserve, or in Apex Reserve, which are shown in this map:

satelite view of safety bay and shoalwater with apex and june road reserves outlined

Image courtesy Intramaps.

The next two images indicate roughly where a pump track might be located in each reserve, and how big they might get to.  Please note the final design will differ from what is shown here.

Apex Road Reserve

possible pump track placement shown on Apex reserve

Above: Apex Reserve, Shoalwater, with indicative size of a potential pump track shown. For illustration purposes only. Image courtesy Lee Loves Bikes.

June Road Reserve

possible pump track placement shown on June Road reserve

Above: June Road Reserve, showing indicative size and location of a potential pump track. For illustration purposes only. Image courtesy Lee Loves Bikes.

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