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Repeal Local Law 2020

Proposed Repeal Local Law 2020

What is a local law?

Local laws are laws that are made by Council for their local government area, in response to particular local issues and for the good government of their communities. The Local Government Act 1995 and other relevant Acts enable Western Australian local government to make local laws.

Proposed Local Law

Under the powers conferred by the Local Government Act 1995, it is proposed to make the City of Rockingham Repeal Local Law 2020.

The purpose and effect of the City of Rockingham Repeal Local Law 2020 is:

Purpose: To repeal the City of Rockingham Signs, Hoardings and Bill Posting By-Law 1990.

Effect: The City of Rockingham Signs, Hoardings and Bill Posting By-Law is repealed.

You can view the current Signs, Hoardings and Bill Posting By-Law on the City's local laws page.

For more information on the Repeal Local Law 2020, please read Report Item GM-001/21 Repeal of By-law relatings to Signs, Hoardings and Bill Posting 1990 in the January 2021 Council Minutes

What will this local law do?

The effect of the local law is to repeal the current City of Rockingham Signs, Hoardings and Bill Posting By-Law 1990. Some of the clauses in this current by-law are already covered in the City of Rockingham Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law 2020. Areas not covered will be addressed in changes through planning policies and a Council Policy on advertising in the City of Rockingham.

Share your thoughts

As a resident or business operator within the City of Rockingham, you are encouraged to review these proposed local laws and provide your feedback on the options presented.

All submissions must be received by on or before Friday 30 April 2021.

Thank you for your interest and involvement in this review. We welcome your comments on matters that may assist to make informed and responsible decisions that benefit the City of Rockingham community.

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