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Rae Road Shared Path

Aerial view of proposed layout

About the project

We're aiming to construct a 7km shared path between Rockingham Station and the Esplanade, Rockingham as part of our Long Term Cycle Network Plan. The 3m-wide red asphalt path will provide significantly improved connectivity and safety for pedestrians and cyclists to a number of key facilities and attractions such as schools, shops, public transport and the beach. It will provide an east-west cycling link along Rae Road, Garden Island Highway and Richmond Avenue, and a north-south cycling link along Safety Bay Road to the Esplanade. 

Considering the long length of the path, we will deliver the project over a number of years with financial support from the Department of Transport. The first stage of the project will start in 2022/2023 with the construction of first 1.5 km section from Rockingham Station. Future stages will be announced later when funding can be secured. 

As part of the design process, we are seeking your input into the project and how it can best serve the community. You can view the plans below, as well as some frequently asked questions.

Share your thoughts

You can share your thoughts:

Submissions close at 4.30pm on Monday 30 May 2022.

Frequently asked questions

Why was the proposed alignment chosen?

The proposed alignment aims to provide a safe facility for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as to improve accessibility between Rockingham Station and a number of key attractions including Rockingham Town Centre, Safety Bay Senior High School, Malibu Primary School, Safety Bay Primary School, Anniversary Park, Lake Richmond, Point Peron, Safety Bay Foreshore and Rockingham Foreshore. The alignment will encourage more cyclists to travel along the shared path between key attractions and improve efficiency of traffic flow on the streets. The proposed project will also improve access for residents to Rockingham Station.

The proposed alignment has sections of the route at the northern and southern verges of Rae Road and on the western verge of Safety Bay Road.  This was chosen to avoid vegetation, utility services and drainage swales, and to connect to existing crossing points and link key attractions.

Why does the project not include a pathway along Point Peron Road?

The Department of Planning recently completed a study on the future of Cape Peron including the alignment of Point Peron Road. Once the future road alignments are determined the City can then plan for the delivery of the most appropriate infrastructure.

Why is the pathway width 3m?

Due to many constraints along the route there is limited opportunities to provide a wider width for the pathway. It is 3m wide mostly along its entire length but it varies at selected points to accommodate obstacles such as bus stops, trees and light poles.

Is native vegetation impacted by the project?

The shared path is proposed to be within the firebreak at the south west fringe of Lake Richmond and along the western verge of Safety Bay Road. At these locations, minor side pruning of native vegetation is required. We will consult with Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and obtain relevant approvals where necessary.

Are any heritage sites affected by the project?

The proposed shared path at the south west fringe of Lake Richmond is located in Aboriginal heritage sites.  We will liaise with the Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee and submit a request for consent for the project under section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act WA.

How is this project being funded?

The design was partly funded by Western Australian Bicycle Network Grants Program. Currently the allocated funding for construction is $700,000 with half of the amount contributed by the Department of Transport from Perth Bicycle Network grant funding, and the other half funded by the City.

When will construction begin?

The project will be implemented in stages, subject to funding availability.  The City has received funding for the first stage of the project in 2022/2023.

StageSectionAnticipated Construction Date
1Rae Road - Mataitai Loop to Read StreetMid 2022 - mid 2023
2Rae Road - Read Street to Garden Island Highway/Rae Road roundaboutSubject to funding
3Garden Island Highway - Garden Island Highway/Rae Road roundabout to Richmond AvenueSubject to funding
4Safety Bay Road - Boundary Road/Safety Bay Road roundabout to EsplanadeSubject to funding
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